Tuesday, May 22, 2012

You Matter!


A rather large storm has moved in the area but you are more then welcome to plop down across this dining room table and enjoy it with me!

{You Matter}

Are you feeling especially not worthwhile today?   
Speaking from a life spent 'on the bubble' i hear you.
Throughout high school I was an average student and athlete. I fought that constant reminder that i was only just average when i didn't make the softball team, swing choir the second year, a nice role in the school music, or the varsity cheerleading squad.  

When most of my peers went off to college at these big named schools I walked through the doors of a local community college unsure of what was ahead.  I only made it through a couple semesters when I found myself sitting behind a desk taking people's money and cashing checks as a bank teller. 
You're in good company today friend, i have been there and those memories still cause a pinch to the heart.

Becoming a wife and a mother did not promote me to feeling any more worthwhile either.  But when God grabbed a hold of my heart he made sense of a lot and I began to learn why this life of yours and mine matters so much to Him.

You are worth it!
This week we'll expand on this more but for today I leave you with this picture.

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