Saturday, February 19, 2011

(I've been writing letters to Garrett in a journal for awhile and thought it'd be fun to share one! It's a mushy gushy sort of mom thing to do so feel free to pass on this post if you're not into that  :) I will not be offended!)

Dear Garrett,
Today Daddy and I went to a childbirth class that lasted 6 hours!  As the instructor explained pushing you out would be the hardest thing I'd ever do I turned to Dad and said, 'I changed my mind, I can't do this!'. :) haha Don't you worry sweet baby of mine, I'm going to be fine! I am still very nervous but i'm trusting God will bring provide the best nurses and doctor for us.  Grandma and Daddy will be there awaiting your arrival and i'm so thankful for each of them helping me deliver you into this world.   
Tonight we finished packing the hospital bags and they're ready at the door.  :)  I can't believe that you'll be here and how close we are.  Do you remember when you were a tiny peanut? I do! Now you are fully grown and just developing those strong lungs.  We can't wait to take care of you and shower you with love.  God blessed us so much with you already and we are excited to raise you in a family that loves Him.  It's not always going to be easy and i'm probably going to make mistakes but don't ever doubt how much I love you! 
Dad is nervous but mostly excited for you to come! He did a wonderful job today learning how to coach me during the labor hours and delivery.  My favorite thing that we did was having dad lightly rub my belly.  I haven't been that relaxed in awhile! He whispered funny things into my ear that made me laugh, he's so wonderful...lets see if I still find that humorous during a labor contraction. :) He loves us both very much! I should warn you...he can't wait to watch sports with you and teach you how to play a few xbox games..don't say I didn't warn you!  I know you'll be relieved to hear his voice and we will do everything we can to make you feel safe in this new world. 
I am anxious for your arrival but treasuring all of our last moments while you're still tucked safely inside. You treated me great during my first pregnancy and I'm thankful for that!  
Your birth state is going to be Virginia but don't get to comfortable because in a few years we may be moving on! Dad is in the United States Navy and our life is going to be full of adventures and along the way we'll be meeting the greatest people.  It will be hard sometimes when he has to leave but we'll shower him with fun boxes and letters and we're going to be blessed as our attitudes stay positive. Remember that because of what Daddy does mommy can stay home and take care of you, and you'll be able to see family that lives far away during long deployments.  Dad will make every effort he can to be a part of your life, trust me!  He's soo excited for you to be here.  
Right now your Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, cousins, and our friends are waiting for the news that you've arrived! I want you to know how loved you are already and how excited we all are for your life.  God has already placed people in your life that are incredible and you're one blessed baby! Don't ever forget how loved you are by God and your family.
I have been feeling harder contractions since last night and today but nothing too regular that causes me to think you'll be here in the next day.  However, if you would like to come that'd be fine with me!  I Can't wait to meet you Garrett and we love you so much!  

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