Monday, April 2, 2012

'How is everything going, are you doing okay?' she asks through the phone.  In a split second I decide to be real.
I go on, "I feel like everything is restrictive in my life, and I understand that in the long run it will bring peace but i'm not quite there yet.  We are on a new budget and I can't spend much, i'm trying to be healthier and have to work out a lot and if i want to lose this weight I can't eat as much.  Then there's my daily walk with God that involves things i need to do or i'm off which makes all of these new changes overwhelming.'
And she does what God asks of her..

There is some treasure hidden in my heart that is God's word.  He keeps reminding me of it as often as He sees fit.

"No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful.
 Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it."
Hebrews 12:11

It's not pleasant. Trust me.
Regarding budget:
I don't go to Target anymore because no longer can I blow through $100 on things we don't really need but I want. That is my favorite store.
Regarding Health:
If I want to lose weight then I need to get up daily (except one day for rest!) and either take a walk or run.  Then I need to choose to eat smart and do it in moderation.  I can't snack on junk and expect to lose pounds.
Regarding faith:
If my day is going to go right then the first thing that needs to happen is me sitting before God surrendering and listening to His word.  If I choose not to then satan is given an early opportunity to help me choose my own way for that day.

So here is exactly what God let me know today.
He doesn't intend for me to feel this stuffy..He gave me a choice to accept these things bring freedom.
A budget that seems tight is actually keeping us out of debt and giving him a chance to reveal himself in the neatest ways.
Working out and eating better is going to bring freedom in this body to not be plagued with disease or sickness (God-willing).  I will be able to have energy and do the work God desires me to. 
Lastly in my faith, Jesus came so that I'd have life and through him I'm free.  By meeting with him and following Him that will bring freedom in the deepest way.
He intends good, and it's through these disciplines that are not pleasant that I will lead a life full to the brim with freedom.
Thank you Lord for that gift!


Alright a few pictures now :)
Last night I was wide awake at 2:00AM!  I couldn't sleep and decided to browse craigslist, hoping that'd help me to be sleepy.
I found this beauty..
For $30 to be exact.
Over a month ago i'd organized my pantry with a friend and we decided if I could find a small piece of furniture to fit some things we cleaned out like Tupperware and G's thing that would be great.  So I browsed through thrift stores but didn't find anything. 
The old me would have asked darren if we could go to walmart or target and buy a piece but the new laura on a budget waited patiently and looked pass the mess in my craft room of stuff without a home.
But there at two in the morning I found this!

This evening Darren and I went to pick it up and it fit perfectly in our vehicle.
I placed it in the dining room and couldn't stop smiling ear to ear.  I don't even need to touch it because it's my color and completely my style.
What do you think?

Little man decided to inspect.
Will he give his approval?

"Looks good in here"

"Cool knobs I can pull at!"

"Mommy, I approve!"


Then G and I sat down to do an Easter craft.  I honestly bought this at the dollar store with no expectations of what doing a craft with G would be like.  It was fun and he seemed to enjoy helping.

I love this picture of him!
When it dries we'll hang it on his door.
Sometime in the next few days we're going to dye eggs! How that will go with a one year old, well i'm not sure yet :) but fun will be had!
Thinking about you and hoping your day was wonderful.