Tuesday, July 6, 2010

One more night :'(

Do you know what it feels like to have one more night with your husband, and then an unfathomable number of nights apart? I sure don't! But here's the deal, i have a huge choice, I can either be mopey for the next 5+ months or keep my eyes glued to Christ who WILL provide and be there for me during the difficult moments when Darren isn't able. There is plenty of reasons to be full of joy because God has poured out endless blessings on my life.
My family has taken me in once again and i'm feeling at home! There is also a church family that has already surrounded me with their love and that means a lot to me!

It hurts though, i'm not going to lie. Today my heart feels broken from the thought of Darren leaving tomorrow morning. I keep tearing up as the understanding that i won't see him for a long time sinks in. But God is here, i believe that with all that's in me. He Remains, and that is my comfort for this first deployment!

Right now we are relaxing at my parents. He is playing World of Warcraft and i've been watching 'I love Lucy' (my favorite show! it's so funny!) I am soaking up the occasional looks at each other as our last night speeds on. I love that man. July 12 we'll be married for 2 years and it's been quite the journey! I'm crazy about him, and as the years go on i grow more respect.
I hope everyone had a nice fourth of July weekend! Please pray for us tomorrow morning!