Friday, January 7, 2011

We bought a Jeep Patriot! Darren and I have driven it a few times now and each time we look over to each other and say 'WE HAVE A JEEP!'. I feel like two little kids with a toy but this is very much NOT a toy! I have never been more nervous in my life to drive anything. I am thankful for God's guidance in buying this vehicle and the peace of mind that has come along with it. I wanted my dad more than anything to be sitting in that room telling me go for it or leave it. Instead I called out to God and was covered. My husband and I were given a moment alone and he took my face in his hands and told me I was handling this so well for not knowing we were coming to buy a car that night. I knew this was coming eventually but have been dragging my feet because it's a big decision. Darren is smart and last night as I sat next to him I thanked God that he blessed me with a man that loves and provides for me at all costs. Because of my stubbornness to go home that night and not being crazy about the color there was a good deal of money that continued to come down. I continued to say we'd go home and think about it and get back to the dealer in the morning but then he'd go away and come back with a lower price.
He was a very nice man and of course wanted to sell a car that night and they're given room to lower numbers but I honestly felt safe. Between furniture and car dealers i'm not a big fan! They are trying to sell and are good at what they do and if your a first time buyer they compare to a shark and you are the minnow. It stinks that our world is dishonest and shady but it's a fact which forces me to be on guard constantly. He would have sold the car for thousands more if I'd not have been hesitant though..I didn't even know you're allowed to go in and make an offer! Did you know that if you say you don't like the color of a car and they don't have another one available they'll knock off a HUGE amount of money? Just a tid bit for you to keep in mind if ever you're in that position. I don't want to go through that process for a long long time though! No thanks :)
I was getting ready to write this blog about a really special moment this past week between God and I but i'm finding it to be hard to write now!
It's about my pregnancy and let me start by saying my baby boy has made himself quite comfortable in mommies right rib, his favorite spot!
I was sitting in the car and thinking about only having two more months to be pregnant. Also how I've been super whiny lately (Darren has been sympathetic and so incredible towards me though!) and then I started to hear God out. So this is my special moment between God that has deeply impacted me...
'Laura do you understand that there are a lot of woman that would give anything to feel five hours of your heartburn, or go to the bathroom twenty times a day, or feel tired over lack of sleep in order to have a baby inside of them?'
'I guess I've not really thought of it that way and have had a sour attitude'...
Our conversation goes on but this is the short version. :) God gave me a gift and although along with it comes some minor aches and pains I'm BLESSED to have a healthy growing baby inside of me! Since that time with God I have been soaking up this pregnancy and realizing how special it is, that i've been given a gift. There's nothing more important than having a good attitude in life in any given situation. It dramatically changes your life and God is honored when i'm acting in a way that reflects Him. I really really want that! I'm not perfect friends and have so much to learn but i'm glad God grabbed a hold of my heart before I turned into one big whiny pregnant woman! I wanted to apologize for giving you an image of me that's not so pretty. You have enough negatives in your life and it's been my prayer and desire that this blog is a safe encouraging place for you! Forgive me?
Darren is currently taking his two weeks off and I'm loving the time spent with him! His parents are here for a visit until Wednesday and we've had fun hanging out together and catching up. We are all looking forward to going to Jamestown and doing a couple touristy things.
I know this will pretty much be it for Darren and I before the baby comes and have never in all of my time knowing him soaked him up this much! I wake up and love him more every morning. I catch myself looking at him from across the room and being really happy that we've made it this far. I remember crystal clear a time when I thought we were over but God had different plans. One day I'm going to write our story out but not for awhile. I hope it will bless you and show you how faithful God is.
Last night I was sharing with Darren how I had read to lay on my side during pregnancy and not on my back during the night. The article said if you wake up and your laying on your back to just turn over. SO in the middle of the night I felt my sweet husband rolling me over because I was on my back and he was whispering 'Laura you can't lay on your back you need to be on your side'. He doesn't have to say it all the time or be a mushy gushy guy..I know he loves me. I don't deserve this man let me tell you! He has his flaws all right but as my mom encouraged me to remember a person's good qualities and let the bad go. Please don't get the impression we have a perfect marriage and that our home is always at perfect peace. We drive each other nuts some days! We're both learning grace though among many other things. :)
He has to leave again shortly for a small amount of time right before our baby is due and i'm dreading it but at the same time okay with it. I know God is going to use that time to draw me closer to himself and allow one last time for life to be still and quiet before the rush of motherhood arrives! I'm beyond excited to hold my baby boy and love on him. We are going to pick up the crib and dresser this weekend by the way! I will of course post pictures when we set it up and my mom offered to help me fix up his nursery. Alright well I need to go to bed because I am currently getting a wisdom tooth along with some sinus junk, not fun! I've lost my Tylenol so am relying on a good night sleep to help me feel better in the morning. Thank you for all the messages letting me know you read this! I am always really encouraged by them. Talk to you again soon!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hello friends! Thanks for stopping in to take a peak into what's going on in my world.

Today marks week 32 and lets be honest friends..the third trimester stinks! As my body adjusts to new changes on top of the simple stress of moving to a new area i'm overwhelmed some days! I have formed a close bond with fatigue, heartburn, and frequent trip to the bathroom. Our baby boy (still nameless, sorry!) has found my ribs and it must be a comfy place for him because I have spent many painful moments stretching out, turning side to side, and gently pushing to see if I can squeeze him out. It doesn't work and eventually he moves when he's ready. :) I'm sure all mothers can relate to this uncomfortable but all too familiarly pain.
I think that around this time it must be when the reality of motherhood begins to settle in and then a list of fears begin to form. Or it's just me? Anyway I was having a terrible day yesterday handling the pains of pregnancy and being away from family. I picked up the phone and called Ej and while she was laying in bed sick still managed to be a great friend and listen to my 'verbal diarrhea' and then offer encouraging words. I really do love my sister in laws and the fact that I'm just as close to them as my own two sisters. I'm blessed!

There are great things about the end of pregnancy though. I actually look pregnant now and there's no hesitancy when someone asks me when i'm due. Isn't that fun? I always felt bad when someone would be afraid to ask. I love sharing this pregnancy with my husband and...buying baby things! It's now acceptable to go out and pick up the last remaining things and we are about ready to start fixing up the nursery! I am all about the third trimester for that reason. :) Around where we live there is a best buy and babies r us right next door to each other so today we went our separate ways and I was in new mommy heaven! I've never gone there to shop until today. We bought a few essential things and a couple fun baby items too. I was most excited about buying his pack n play that will double as a bassinet. My sweet husband seemed to actually not mind walking part of the store with me and he picked up a cute shirt for his son. I can't even begin to tell you how great it will be to see Darren with his baby boy. He's already a proud dad.

Lately I have been relaxing and it looks something like this....

I refuse to feel sorry because i'm pregnant and rest is acceptable. I make sure to take care of the home (laundry, cooking meals, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc) but when i'm finished it's nice to not have too much to do. I have stopped all exercise now because when I would it hurt and i'm pretty sure it's a good thing to listen to your body when it says stop. I miss running though but don't remind me I said that after this baby is born please! ;)

I frequently read a devotional by Chuck Swindol and love it! It's not long but the message is always powerful. Today mr. swindol was talking about the character of Christ. He was added a verse that struck a nerve in me.

Mark 10:45
45 “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His 1life a ransom for many.”

This is my king and savior...Jesus came not as a celebrity but as a servant. I'm called to be like Christ and according to this verse Christ served others. This year I'd like to continue seeking God and loving Him. Anyways I did want to share that with you as it was challenging to me maybe it will be for you too? I hope you have a great night!