Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hey friends!

I'm sure you are stopping in to see if Garrett has arrived but he's not here yet.  :/ He has four days left until his due date but it looks like he may go passed it.  I'm praying he'll come friday though!

I had a doctors appointment today and the only progress was that i'm now 2.5 cm dilated :).   I've had contractions on and off but nothing regular yet.  Yesterday evening I thought, 'this is it' so I got ready but then the contractions faded away.  (That can be extremely discouraging)  My poor mom is probably tired of these false alarms! She's been awesome and has taken great care of me.  We went out to a quilting shop today and then to lunch.  She told me not to be anxious and relax because he will come and she'll wait to see him. 

I am dealing with some sinus junk with a sore throat unfortunately. I came home and thought maybe if I took a nap it would help make me feel better. However it was the kind of nap that you wake up feeling even more sick.  So i'm laying on the couch in my jammies watching HGTV and the FOOD channel with my mom. :)

Well that's the pregnancy update for you :). 
I've been thinking a lot about my sisters lately and how I miss them terribly. 
It makes me laugh to look back on the times melissa and I would be fighting and end up pulling each other's hair out one minute to laughing the next, or when I used to sneak into Nicole's room and drink her leftover sodas. (yuck!)  They used to give me the bad toys to play with because I never stayed long enough to play.  I remember how Melissa wouldn't let anyone hurt me growing up. Only she could be mean to me :).  Nicole was fun to hang around and I loved when she would let me in her room to hang out. 
My sisters are now my best friends.  I love talking to them and catching up.  There's no hard feelings when we don't talk for a week at a time, you just pick up where you left off.
I know without a doubt that when I go to either one of them with a problem they'll be honest with me even if it's not what I want to hear.  When you walk away from a conversation feeling refreshed and inspired, well there's something special in that! God didn't have to place me in a loving family.  He did though and I don't  want to take that for granted.  I have two sisters to share life with and grow closer to God alongside of.  Even though we live states away, we've become closer as we get older.  
When I found out Darren was leaving for c-school, it crushed me. Having both my sisters quickly contact me to share in my hurt was God's way of comforting me.  I love knowing them. 
As I enter into this next stage in my life..motherhood...I'm excited to do so with my sisters there for me.  They both have made this time in my life exciting! They're beyond excited to hear Garrett is here and can't wait to see him.  Garrett has the best aunts (my sister in laws included!)
Melissa is a nurse/new mom and a great one at that! She is an endless source of answers for a young mom :).  Nicole is a mother of four and a source of wisdom and encouragement.  I respect each of them and thank God for giving me two friends for life.  Here's a few pictures to share. :)

Melissa and I

Nicole and I

Melissa and I :)

Nicole and I :)

Thank you Nicole and Melissa for loving me well these 22 years and encouraging me to be the woman God is calling me to be. I love you both very much!