Tuesday, March 27, 2012

{The end of a day well lived}

I can't wait to share later this week all of the projects that have been keeping me away. I know you won't hold it against me that I haven't wrote in almost two weeks when you take a look at what i've been up to. :)

I did want to share one of the projects and the place where I discovered this oh-so-simple fix for our couch cushions.  She does a wonderful job of explaining.  You'll have to take a look.  (The ones I made are white.)

My home is quickly turning white.  All of my thrift store treasures have been slathered with a dreamy white color and i'm experiencing a little heaven on earth. 
I live with the mindset that in a short time we will move but that doesn't mean I can't make 'home happen' as best as possible for this military family.  I love fixing up old things and making them new.  But don't get me wrong some things are worth buying brand new.

I did head over to Goodwill yesterday to search for a pair of shoes for my son since he doesn't own any.  We did find a nice pair for $3 as well as an old wing back chair for $15!! I was thrilled to bring it home and give it a little TLC.  However I should have smelled the chair but how weird would that have looked? Anyways I did spend some time cleaning it up.  Here's a few pictures :)....

Vinegar and warm water to help with the odor.

•My sweet new reading chair•

This was a white tablecloth from goodwill for $2 (target)
I needed to cover it for now since I will be researching how to make a slipcover for this chair.
Basically it could be awhile before it's made.
I did tuck it in better then this picture and it looks good for now. :)

This is what i'm thinking! I linked this picture back to the original source so you can look at the process and understand why i'm scared to begin!

Source: thenester.com via Laura on Pinterest

There is a little peek into what i've been up to.  I really have enjoyed being able to work on a few projects even on a tight budget.  It forces me to be creative in such a deeper way.  To tell you the truth I needed something to do to take my mind off of some things i've been dealing with.  The stubborn girl in me wasn't ready to face God on a few issues and i'm beyond thankful for the gentlemen in him that allowed me to wait.  
Do you ever get off track with a good routine? For me having quiet time in the morning is a choice and sometimes it's not easy to sit up with my hair a mess, reach for that bible and quiet myself before God.  I'm tired and want that extra hour of sleep before my little guy wakes up!  It's selfish and not wise because that time spent with him is what prepares me to follow him all day and it's when him and I decide who will lead.  
Being able to approach his throne after i've fallen short is sometimes intimidating and hard but he's there waiting for me not with a condemning word but a hopeful one and a chance to move forward. I LOVE that.
If you're discouraged today by whatever you're facing remember that he is for you.
Well I need to wrap this up and get to bed. :)

I have just about wrapped up the first chapter of my book and am getting ready to send it to a wonderful friend who agreed to help me edit! What an answer to prayer! This is a huge ordeal for me writing because it's pouring out and sharing a story that isn't always easy to tell but this message is worth sharing. Pray for me please!
Thinking and praying for you today. 



Anonymous said...

Praying for that stubborn girl inside to have courage to deal with whatever it is she's dealing with. :-)

Stubbornness is a virtue, when used to focus on bible study; when defending one's children and relationships; when fighting for the right things. It is an absolute handicap when it prevents you from getting to the heart of things.

However, it is a process, working through disciplining yourself to Him. God is one patient Father, and He knows you young'ns sometimes need to do what you do until you discover He knows better. (That's what took ME so long to learn, anyhow.) However, my young friend, you are MUCH farther along in your faith journey than most young people of your generation, so take heart that you are on the right path.

By the way, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the projects you shared! A friend of mine and I found a chair on the side of the road once, and we took that thing apart, repaired it and refinished it -- and it turned into her desk chair for her bedroom. I haven't a clue what happened to that chair, but we were so excited about that chair that we took it to show her dad when he was in the nursing home, a few months before he passed. Be encouraged by your forays into these projects. Learning to give a discarded object new life again is a fun journey, indeed!

Well, I need to get to bed, too. There is a lot to do before this DC trip begins on Friday! :-) Blessings, Laura.


~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

What a great find at goodwill!! I do like the chair too! and the slipcover looks good on it! :) Good luck in making one!

Laura said...

Thank you Gail! I love reading your comments :) I can't wait to hear about your DC trip! And I loved the story about when your friend and you fixed up an old chair. It really is a huge project but i'm excited about it. I will have to recruit a friend to help.

Holly i'm loving your blog! So excited about your new booth setup, and i wish that it was closer to me! Cute stuff :)

amandas said...

Laura I love the idea for the chair!! And that you're writing a book!! Amazing :)

Phyllis@Around the House said...

I would go back to goodwill and purchase 2 or 3 ols sheets and then just cut and sew away until you get what you like and then use that as a pattern for better material...pinterest has some great tuts on slipcovers...I am new follower...come visit

Laura said...

Phyllis, i hope you get to read this. :) Thank you for that idea. I went to a fabric store and saw prices for fabric to cover the chair and wasn't sure what to do after I added up the price but i'm going to go with your idea. I have only just started to sew again after only making an apron and am nervous to take on such a big project. I am excited to come look through your blog tonight! I will be on the look out for some old sheets at goodwill, thank you again!

Phyllis@Around the House said...

Hi Laura...your chair will turn out wonderful I am sure...stop over in a couple of days as I am reposting my "HERE COMES PETER COTTONTAIL" post from a couple of years ago...your son will love the pictures and will get to see Peter cottontail again...One last idea for you...when you get the pattern done...consider using a dropcloth from Home Depot...looks great and wears like iron...it's like a muslin color...perfect for the look your going for...good luck...phyllis