All Things Creative



Paper (colors of your choice)
Tape (or however you choose to hang it up)
Something to use to trace a circle (stencils work well)
Thread to string through

*This is a very simple but creative way to make a banner.



I used old business cards and cut them in half and then glued them to a foam paper.
*Simple yet cute way to have labels.
Yes we laughed about who really needs to know 'meat' is meat or 'cheese' is cheese.


Garrett went to a Dr. Suess party and we dressed him up as
"Thing 2"
Bib (turned around)
Safety pin
Black marker
white computer paper(any paper will do)

He wore all red clothes under this.  It would also be fun to have used white felt and fastened that on.


Painted cardboard boxes
We're on a budget so I have to be extra creative these days.
I had ugly organge shoe boxes for my scrapbook and sewing supplies but this was a fun way of adding a fresh look!

I am going to finish them off with black labels and maybe some scrap fabric on the inside?
What do you think?

Painted plastic shelves
Hi! I used simple primer for this project.
The finished result is a worn white looke if that makes sense.
The pictures don't show this but I actually like it.