Monday, February 14, 2011

Is this belly done growing now?
38 weeks!

Before and After collage :)....

Dear belly,
you will never look the same after this but it was worth it, HE is worth it.  

My mom has arrived! It's been wonderful having her here.  Right now we're enjoying a cup of delicious cappuccino (with gingerbread marshmallows!) while relaxing.  I love the way God has worked things out this far with Garrett waiting until family will be around.  So we're waiting...for Darren to get home and then my baby boy can come anytime! I continue to tell Garrett it's warmer inside mommy than outside but I kept it a secret that today temperatures hit into the 70's!! Shhh... :)
I am tired, beyond tired as sleep isn't coming easily this past week.  It really stinks and i'm not sure if it's that I can't get comfortable, miss Darren, or have too much on my mind? Not really sure but I'm going to be kicking myself for not taking advantage of all the hours I could have been sleeping in! (I will have a hard time saying goodbye to sleeping in until 9)

Tomorrow we're going to the grocery store to stock up! I'm probably not going to have much energy to make meals after Garrett gets here but we're thinking we can make a few things ahead of time.  Did I tell you how wonderful it is having my mom here!? :) We took my dad to the airport early this morning, 4:30 and came home watched a few HGTV shows and then agreed to sleep for a little longer.  That was nice to catch up on sleep and feel rested when I woke up.  However, I can't believe how fast the energy drained out.  My mom told me carrying 20 extra pounds around with you will do that!

Darren comes home soon! I miss him when he has to be away but am also blown away with the way God provides.  I am thankful for our new church family and love the new friendships that are forming.  It's nice to walk through life alongside of others to be there for each other when life is hard or when it's blissful.  I have a group of woman that surround me now who love the Lord and are an encouragement to my daily walk with God.  I can't stress enough how much they bless me.  After life settles in with a newborn baby it will be great to start getting involved in one of the many ministries at church. It's killing me right now to not be able to jump in and start serving but for now it's not time.  Also I have been receiving tons of phone calls and texts from family and friends far away, and those connections bring a smile to my face.  To know that people are praying for me and standing by ready to hear the good news is comforting.  I love that throughout the Bible God has written in promises to us and as he provides i'm reminded that he is faithful in keeping them.  I hope that made sense!? 

Garrett decided that he didn't want to be a valentines day baby! ..and i'm okay with that but wouldn't that have been fun?  I can't wait to hold this sweet baby of mine.  I'm getting more and more excited now.  To be completely honest with you I am surprised he isn't here with all the braxton hicks contractions I have had this past week and that subtle feeling Darren won't make it.  I'm 38 weeks so I do have 2 more weeks technically and as I've been told by many that the first child is normally late.  I was prepared for him to be early and so it will take some adjusting if he decides to come late.  Please remind me that I had prayed that he would wait for Darren to be there! ...and I was not specific in my prayers ;).  God has a sense of humor i've learned! 
Alright well that's the latest at the Moore home, can't wait to share that he's arrived! 

P.S. IT WAS 70 DEGREES TODAY! wow :) Beautiful day!


Mostafa said...

I've just came to see your nice blog

Have a nice Valentine's Day,,

Anonymous said...

First things first....enough already with "It was 70degrees here!" LMAO!!! JUST kidding!!!! I'm so happy you are having decent weather out there. There's a level of assurance there that the weather won't be an obstacle to getting to the hospital in time. :-)

Even I feel better that your mom has arrived! LOL! But, Garrett is gonna wait for Dad to get home first, I think. From your pic it looks like he's just biding his time, waiting, taking aim on your bladder. ;-) Gotta love a little boy with great timing, ya know? My prayer for you two is that he has all the sweetness and humor and talent and joy and humility and most of all, the love of our Father you two have for each other and for God. Maybe he'll be like my great-niece, who, when sent to her room for doing something naughty, came out and told her mommy she did it "betuz I luv you berry much mommy."

Or, like Michael who, when getting hollered at for being a teenage dork, randomly looked quizzically at me and said, "You're pretty...." There is no defense for that, btw. :-)

Love you, Laura!