Friday, May 25, 2012

We are walking through the beautiful botanical gardens, my good friend and mentor, her children, and my little guy.  She is once again pouring wisdom into my life.  Reminding me to let the big things go in my marriage and let my man be who he is and i'm locking those words in as to never forget and remember to apply.
I was all swelled up with love for my husband this morning.
The military seems to have seasons of easy and then very difficult.  I have watched my husband walk through these last few years in the navy with a positive attitude in a most humble way.
He makes me proud.
He doesn't just care about his own career path but of those around him.  That's what sets him apart in my opinion.
I have watched and helped him study for tests these last few months and seen him take true initiative in moving ahead in his career.
He is passing tests and doing great.
I want to see him awarded for his sacrifice and hard work.

I didn't know that today he would come home discouraged by work.
Something that is VERY rare to see and literally breaks my heart into pieces for him.
You see if you mess with a woman's husband, you disturb his helper in life as well.
In my true wife nature i'm angry for him.
He went for a run and I went to pulling weeds and seeking God's council.
I think God is going to keep us in the dark for now but when we look back on this time we will be able to see where he stood in all of this and how he intended to work all this out for good.
I know we are both under his umbrella of authority and that brings me comfort on days when my man hurts.
He is a loyal, hard-working, well deserving man who doesn't cut corners.  
He will make one incredible leader and he will have the experience to relate with others.  Sometimes systems fail you and there's nothing you can do or say but I wrap my arms around him and tell him i'm sorry and then let him have space and I take to my small garden.
Don't lose site of the bigger picture and remember God is using each of these small things that we don't understand to grow us and it will all be intended for his glory.

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