Wednesday, May 23, 2012

To the military spouse, you matter!

Military spouse,
You Matter!

Right now our bed is a mattress that sits directly on the floor.  When we moved into the rental home our box spring didn't fit upstairs.  For almost 6 months i've worked around that and still made a nice space to call our room.  All the while trying not to compare too much to the rooms i'd love to have one day.
In the last 6 months my good friend and mentor has really pushed me to enjoy the moment and bloom where God plants us.
I have been a navy wife for almost 3 years. 
A lot has happened in those 3 years.  I have moved a couple of times, unpacked alone, found new churches, new doctors, new places to call home, and new friends.  As a military wife you sort of figure it all out but speaking from my personal experience when the dust settles part of me longs for a bit of the same for longer.
Learning to see being a military spouse as a chosen role has really helped.  God chose your family and mine, and when we're serving and honoring Him he'll bless us for that.  
I am a sensitive girl who would love nothing more then to snuggle up on the couch and read a book in my cozy beach cottage home.  Have my husband home by 5 each night, have the same girlfriends for life, live down the street from family, and become a member of the same church.
I long for a simple quiet life.
Its kind of selfish sounding but as a military wife God has made me extremely uncomfortable.  This life is the complete opposite of what I desire.  But I remember saying, 'Alright Lord, if this is where you're leading then I will follow'.
His will doesn't take me away from Himself, it always has a way of pulling me in closer.  I don't know what season your in, work-ups, deployment, lonely, full of friendships, a home that fits you well, or a time of rest for the family, but know that you matter.
The single mom that you are when he is away, the same toys you picked up everyday for the past month, the tears that have spilled over, and the sacrifice that you have made.
God sees all of that.  You're allowed your 'I just want to be sad or mad days' because you are also that woman who knows when its time to pull up the bootstraps and go on with life.
I'm proud to know so many of you.
For a young navy wife, you matter because you're an example and a safe place to look when my future is unsure.
Trust me,
You matter!

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