Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I grabbed my computer and headed outside to soak up this gorgeous day!
I wish you could join me but you'll have to take my word when I say it's perfect out here.
I was tempted to sit back and soak it up alone while my boy naps but I have a story too good not to share with you!

We headed out for a morning jog/walk and my mind was wrapped around stories like these.. 
Her 12 year old son passed away

and this one too..

A young husband passed away from a stroke, he had been on a run with friends.

These stories reminded me of how quickly our lives can change.  Its why I want to soak up these days because tomorrow or even this afternoon my whole world could look very different. The thing that was the most encouraging was these two stories were of faith in Christ still.  They had not lost hope completely and that was encouraging after seeing what their circumstances were.
But as feet pounded pavement my words went up to God like this,
'lord don't let my life be in vain, I always want to be ready for that moment when we meet.'

We continued on and I prayed for the families and others and was lifting up thanks for my own health today.  I started thinking about all that has been going on lately and lost in thought I looked over and saw a road leading to somewhere we hadn't been yet.  Normally I stay on the same route to be safe because it's comfortable and I know what to expect.
I like being comfortable.
But I ran a little quicker as the houses around the corner were as i'd say fabulous!  I started thinking about how right now this reflects the path i'm taking in life..experiencing something different.
A little further this picture unfolded..

I don't know if you're following but when this came into view I started beaming!
This park was there all along but I didn't want to take a different route because again, I love sticking with what's comfortable.
But what a fun place to discover. :)
Look at this little guy! He LOVED our new route that will now allow him time to get out of the stroller and play.
God blesses our obedience, i'm convinced of that!

So trust Him today and know that around the corner of obedience a blessing awaits.
Praying for you today!


Anonymous said...

ladies lunch was about obedience today also. I find that I should probably be paying attention since I have gotten it unexpectedly from 2 places. today in lunch, Lori clayton talked about how our obedience points to Jesus and points others to jesus. so often we are focused on our blessings as the result of our obedience but really the reason we should be obedient is because we have a relationship with Jesus and we want others to see that and want the same thing.
Megan Galan

Anonymous said...

Doncha just LOVE surprises?!?!?!? I'm so glad you took "The Road Not [always] Taken---ish" to find that adorable park! Nothing says, "Trust me!" like a fun discovery, right? Strangely, I was hesitant to take the DC trip a few weeks ago, partly nervous about my right knee and left foot not playing nice with my chunky hiney, but also in part because I tend to be a homebody. I am SOOOO glad I kicked the hesitancy to the curb, because if you get a chance, you'll see just SOME of the pictures I took in my photo albums on FB. I took over 2000 pictures in 4 days, and the Washington Cathedral booted my spiritual butt back into proper alignment. (I need to write about that, once I get some time...LOL) Had I not gone, none of that would have happened. And I would have regretted it mightily.

I'm so glad you heard Him nudging you around the corner. :-)