Wednesday, May 2, 2012

He coughs and dry heaves then calls out, 'Mammaa'. 
My heart aches as hands rub the back of his head and back. Its easy to comfort a sick child even as the mind races.  That mother instinct is wonderful and without giving much thought you are in motion, rubbing, soothing, whispering, 'its okay sweet boy, momma is here'.
Another cool wash cloth, change of the sheets, but laundry at 3:00am doesn't disrupt a mother.
It's a blessing.
Not the sickness..but the child who has a working immune system, who is calling out to his mother.  Who is now feeling better and smiling once again.
It was an honor to spend the night up with my sick child, because I knew that somewhere there was a mother longing for her child and would give anything to sit up with them one last time.  I don't understand why some people see such pain but here is what i'm learning..
it can all change in a moment.
That's why with each day at a time...we can both learn to embrace
Our God
Our families
Our jobs
Our gifts
Our days
Even our pain
Call me crazy, but this embracing makes life worth living.
We're encouraged to embrace wherever it is we find ourselves and choose an attitude where God's light can come pouring forth.

I ran today with a new pair of shoes.  They're incredible and I ran harder and faster then ever before.  i was beyond happy as my legs were supported and felt no aches from the pounding on the pavement.
I had worn those old tennis shoes for over 4 years!
They fit, were comfortable, and easy to slip on. 
I knew what to expect out of them.
But my knees and ankles were suffering, so I finally chose to take care of the problem and invest in a new pair of shoes.
only $20 :)
Did you know that changing an attitude is similar to getting into a new pair of shoes?
This life can be hard, you already know that though.
But maybe today you need to get out of the comfortable attitude you always choose that leads you to feeling discouraged in the end..and try on a new attitude of joy.  That fits well and allows you to run the race in life and when we come to the finish line you can slip off those shoes and hear how well you did by the most High King.
Hope you're encouraged tonight!

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