Monday, April 16, 2012

Deuteronomy 31:8(NIV)

8 The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”

 {How comforting}

Today I kept busy working outside like a mad woman..pulling up weeds and hauling huge 56 lb bags of mulch around to pour onto flower beds.  It was intense and sweat poured down rosy cheeks.  But I smiled and had a great time being distracted from life.
God is good in allowing us times of silence that we don't have to say much of anything.  I wonder what he thought as he watched upon his daughter working hard the land he created, I did wonder if it pleased him as much as me..or if he wished I could have seen how his earth was meant to be for me to enjoy without work..One day!

I had an intense morning among good friends.
But i'm glad for their support and encouraging words.  Some choices we make are plain old hard but having good friends helps smooth the way. I remember over a year ago when we first moved here and knew no one and I was praying hard that God would send the right people.  He brought an armful plus some to this girl.  I can't tell you how many wonderful friendships i've made since moving here. 
The variety of personalities among them make me smile the most.  They're all amazing in their own way.

My good friend and I walked this morning and talked about God's church and being in the military and finding a home church in the midst of moving every few years.  It's difficult but can be done.  Sometimes a year into being at one you may be called out in a new direction because that's the best for your family.  It's hard..REALLY hard for a girl like me.  I don't want to hurt anyone and I want to remain friends with everyone.  But sunday morning as i sat in a brand new church something sparked in me this happiness and I knew..just knew that was the peace i'd prayed for.  My man was happy and I can't explain what that does to me.
 The entire day our home could be described as happy.  It's now monday and we're still beaming.  That message I heard yesterday is still challenging me tonight and i'm mulling it over considering what it is that I need to let go of that hinders my walk with the Lord.
We talked about that morning's message and were open to each other. 
He liked having something more familiar even though he insists a church should have a gym. :) (God gave him that passion and love for sports and I believe one day God will use that for His glory.)

But knowing what we were leaving behind wasn't happiness to me, it is hard. I ran into this today though.

Much of life is about making choices, many times hard ones, and navigating the results. Don't regret the choices you make.
-Eric Thomas

How fitting, right?  Then it became clear to me.  This family of God's isn't broken down into smaller congregations that there'd be separation..No God intended us to be united as one body..That means ALL of his family.  I can still love and grow close to those that i've come to care for from the church we attended this last year. 
Good lessons being learned!

And here are some pictures of what was worked on around the home.

I am tired! Goodnight friends :)


brandymarie11 said...

It's so beautiful!!! Great work!!! I'm so happy you are doing good and I love your little family. You are a woman to look up to!!

Anonymous said...

Your garden work is beautiful! It always feels good to come home and see the work you put into your yard and know that you did it AND for the right reasons. Well done, Laura. :-)

Moving to a different church is difficult. When I left Community Church, it was both the easiest decision and the hardest decision of my life. I became a Christian there, I was baptized there along with my children, and it was there I began my bible studies. However, there were serious issues with the body that I could no longer support (the reasons that it was such an easy decision) which lead to my leaving.

I will say that when I left, I knew deep inside that it was THE right thing to do, though. Peace swooped down, God did His wonderful healing thing, and I was given time to pay attention as well as do some healing. When I found a new church home, I was in a much better spiritual place to receive its welcome than I would have been had I simply "changed pews." :-)

If you and your husband and Little Man are happy with your new church home, then God's peace will certainly settle in your hearts as well. I like the quote you found and shared because that is how I look at things with church as well. I believe that the church is the saints within the walls who move beyond the walls to do His work, so it is THOSE people whom I relate to regardless of the walls inside which they worship.

You can only imagine my frustration, being a woman who is gay, trying to find a church who looks beyond my orientation to see the woman whose heart is trying to find a church home. Not many around the Laporte area, but there is one good one in hour away. It's hard...they are a good church, seeking a new pastor (theirs left shortly after I visited with them...she and her partner were amazing!!!), and they have SO much going for them! In time, we'll just have to see who God sends to them....

I always look forward to your posts, Laura. They always seem to minister to me, too. Just want you to know that. :-)

I hope you got to get a glimpse of the space shuttle Discovery as it flew over! I got to see it when it landed in Ft Worth (a few years before your time! LOL). I have pictures that I would like to find and post on FB sometime. I really wish I could have seen Discovery being moved today, but I will have to settle for the news video. :-)

Have a fabulous day! GB