Friday, February 24, 2012

For my son's first birthday party I had every intention of having an owl theme.  The invites I creativly put together had fun owl sayings and in my mind that's how the party would look like.  I realized today while beginning to decorate that this owl theme was all pinterested up in my mind :) (kind of like dreamed up). Can anyone relate with me!? I had to make a quick desicion to be okay with the reality that it's not but it's still going to be a wonderful day with friends celebrating our sweet boy. 

Although i've been busy cleaning today I HAD to get outside because this weather is to die for.  I took Garrett with me on our first run of the year and we both loved it.  As feet pounded the pavement I remembered how hard running is but decided to push through. 

Thankful for good friend loaning us their jogging stroller!

Then I finished weeding my flower bed in the front.  For me there's something theraputic about weeding and taking care of my own yard.  I L O V E it. Weird huh?
I'm excited for this spring to plant flowers and praying that God would allow there to be room in our budget for flowers.
I have one year in this beautiful home (as of now) and want to bloom where God's placed us and part of that is throwing myself into caring for this home and making it our own.

Yesterday morning I heard one of the best testimonies of a wife learning how to love her husband better.  Eydie Thomas spoke to a group of military women about her own journey of being a selfish wife to wanting to bless her man.  I walked away encouraged to love Darren and take care of him.  I can relate to her story because in the first few years of my marriage that's been my attitude most of the time.  In my marriage it was 'me, myself, and I'.  It's hard to admit to that but i'm learning right now how to die to myself.  Bare with me becuase this is simply not easy for a human being.  It's a supernatural act that gives me the strength to do this. 

Darren doesn't read this :) so i'm going to share this with the wives reading.  Take a journey with me please. 
I don't come to you saying i've figured this out. I'm saying that rock bottom is not fun and it's time to take back what is ours.  Satan has been given way too many strongholds in our hearts.  It can start with the simple realization that our husband is not meeting a need and then we start to gossip about him only to have our attitude toward him turn bitter and this slippery slope leads to hard times in our marriage that we can avoid.

Take 30 days to concentrate on your man.  Don't look at the amount of days just do today with me.  Committ to not say anything negative about him to a friend or even to him. 

Be a blessing in his life. 

Thank him today for something that he does, no matter how small. 
 'But laura he has done this or that to me...'
It's time to let go friends.  As Eydie talked about holding grudges yesterday I realized how rediculous it is to not forgive a friend when they hurt us.  It's freeing to say 'I forgive you and forget it, moving on'. 
I don't know your circumstances but trust me when I tell you that in my own marriage we have been at the door ready to walk out and time and time again God has pointed us to get back into the committment we made before him and love each other.  HE will give you the strength to walk through anything, trust him again.
Please tell me how you did today on loving your man and what creative way you let him know you love him!

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