Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I can't get over this photograph and every time I lay eyes on it a huge smile spreads across my face.
His first birthday was wonderful for our little family as we celebrated with good friends.  The party went so well with a laid back feel!

He's now one and has three developing words. "Momma", "Dadda", and "Ball" It hit me today that these are his first words and I couldn't believe we're creeping up to this next milestone! Words..agh! not ready but then again it's amazing and I'm soaking in these moments.

I've been having the most tenderhearted conversations with the Lord the last few days. They've consisted of confessions from me, praise, but lots of time in God's word! Having a conversation with God is when I sit with my bible open and I read His word to me and we talk through it.  I love that picture because it works. There in the quiet moments God invites me into this loving relationship with Him and it's the most sweetest thing i've ever experienced in all of my life.  I would never want to not have that time in God's presence.  There are times in the past year that the holy spirit has felt quenched in me.  Not that God's spirit left me but church, bible study, and good conversations are not enough to keep my relationship with the Lord filling. I was hungry for Him!

I also heard an encouraging word from Beth Moore on physical health and I need to pass this one along because it's a gem.  I have a handful of friends that are in this boat with me and you need to hear this.  The ultimate goal in health is freedom. God never intended us to be in bondage to food or working out. 
*Obsession is NOT Nutrition*
I have personally followed along with what has worked for Beth Moore and have loved it.
Here is the video. Two parts but well worth the 20 minutes!

I so hope these linked up. If not go to youtube and search, "Beth Moore-physical health"

The last few mornings I've woken up early had some quiet time, fed Garrett, and then strapped him into the stroller for a run. It was not a choice to make, I just did it. It's working out well so far! I will say that this is a battle already because satan has made a fool out of me over the issue of weight.  I am a daughter of the most High and I refuse to stay down defeated in this area.  God never intended me to be in bondage in this area.  Breaking free feels wonderful!
I will have to LEARN moderation with food and let me tell you this is HARD.  There's no simple way around it.  It will take time to develop new eating habits. I say this as there is still four pieces of the best cake in our fridge. :) I don't believe in withholding for long periods of time because I go the opposite after awhile and binge. (Not fun!) It's all about moderation.  Having to change is my least favorite thing but I believe God's blessing and presence is covering me in this area.


Darren, myself, papers, extra pens, two computers, and a calculator were spread across the floor. We were sitting down to finalizing our budget.  We invited God into this through a simple prayer together.  We read from His word about not being able to serve both Him and money.  It was going to be one or the other.  We chose Him.
We learned we were going to have to cut a large chunk out of the budget we had figured out a few weeks earlier.  It was tempting to cry but I wanted to trust in God's plan for our finances.
So we crunched numbers for a good hour and talked over what was important and we tweaked our personal fun money and other areas. It hurt but we were led to a point of obedience to God in the matter of money and that has brought immense freedom.
I looked to my husband and felt a sense of peace in what he was saying and a thankfulness that it was HIM sitting there beside me leading this family.  That man has kept me when I was difficult. 
I'm a spender.  I love to buy.  But to have to learn to live with less can only be done through Christ...I'm clinging to Him friends. :) There's no other way to say it.
I can't wait to share how God works in this area and encourage you to do the same.

To my faithful readers...
This month is dedicated to my marriage especially. I am digging apart the bible, books, sermons, a bible study, and anything I can get my heart into on the subject of marriage.  I am reminiscing over my own marriage and what God has taught me because this month I am writing a chapter of my book on marriage.  It is the most intimidating thing but let me tell you to be able to write on this is a miracle because a few years ago i'd have thought you were crazy if you told me i'd be sitting on my couch typing words on marriage and how to embrace it.
I'm taking this slow and having grace on myself.  I have to go into this prayerfully everytime I sit down to study or write because the thoughts of inadequacy are daunting.
Here is what I was reminded of tonight;
When I come to God, I don't come having it all together.  He is the one who helps me get it all together! I'm so grateful for that fact.  In writing this book it seemed appropriate to wait and I let that time pass.  I didn't have a clear picture of where to start until recently. 
Yes, i'm intimidated by the whole thing but I want to write this because it's a chance to share what God has placed in my heart.  A message to embrace this life and the roles he's placed us in.  Please pray for me this month and over my marriage because i'm sure there will be bumps along the way that cause me to stumble that lead me to lose site of this direction.

For our Marriage challenge i'm going to skip to day 3 because we missed a few.  Thanks to my mom who responded on how she followed through with day one! Making my dad's favorite pizza. :)
Maybe you could do this tomorrow since it's late as i'm posting this.
1 Cor. 13:4 Love suffers long, and is kind.

I struggle with kindness towards darren and sometimes my tongue is sharp.  I love this passage of scripture as a reminder that love is not mean but it's kind.  I don't want to be mean to anyone and especially not to my husband.
Today be thankful that your husband is both tender and tough.  It may be difficult for him to be tender but if he ultimately you can't expect your husband to make you more secure. That can only be from God.  Just be thinking of how your man is considerate of your needs, even if it is the smallest thing!

Until next time!

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Anonymous said...

With any partner in life, it is good to remember that if you are kind to the smallest ones, you are able to be kind to the greatest. Jesus wants us to come to Him as children. Why not also treat our partners, not as children, but with the same caring and kindness?

That one eluded me until about 10 years ago... Just thought I would share.