Saturday, March 3, 2012

Guess what!

My soul is all welled up with joy this evening.  I've been pacing back and forth my home thanking God for such a fun last few days together as we've penned the very first chapter of my book.  I had a lot of fun writing and pouring myself out onto those pages.  I really can't wait to be able to share with you when this is all completed.
My prayer since i've started writing has been that even if this book leads one woman to hope again and come to Christ then it is worth all of the time spent pouring out.  Even if these words never land outside of my computer I know that God has used this time together for growth and an opportunity to trust Him.
Here is a quick glimpse into my writing space
I have loved this time with the Lord especially digging deep into His word.

This morning I set out for a run in between periods of rain.  I have been taking the jogging stroller this last week but today I felt light as a feather while running without it!  It's very neat how you build endurance over each run.  I love being able to do a walk/run and not feel guilty whatsoever!  I'm building up to a 3k and that's perfectly fine for this girl.

Well March marked the official start of our first budget.  Trusting God with everything in me in this area.  I know that through this God will bring a lot of peace in my marriage.  My fun money seems awful tiny but i've accepted it and am going to learn how to be more thrifty in the coming months.  My grocery budget is also teensy tiny but there is this wonderful friend of mine that is helping me to figure out how to plan according and make this work. 
With being obedient to God in this area it has me very excited.  For I know that God will show up in the neatest ways and I can't wait to see more of that.  He already has been blessing us!  I'm sharing this with you not to make you feel bad if you don't budget but because it has been an area for almost four years that has been closed off between Darren and I and it's a miracle to see how this all unfolded the last few months.  I know we were led around what could have been a huge problem later down the road.
Last night we had our friends Julie, Mike, and their son over for a fancy pizza dinner! It was wonderful to open up our home and spend time with new friends.
I am awful about having people over but this area i've been convicted on lately so it was awesome to have people over not worrying about the condition of my home or what I served for dinner.
Thankful for that time together!
This last week i've spent in the book of James.  When I got to James chapter 3 I was ready to go put my make up on and fix my hair to avoid the hard truth God was about to tell me.  But I sat and heard his voice; what comes out of my mouth matters to him.  Gossip, complaining, manipulating, etc. Let me tell you how this looked..the night before I had told darren something that was pure gossip.  I wasn't telling him a story from a place in my heart that cared for this person but more of a 'wow can't believe..'  It was that very next morning that God had a word just for me on this.  I had to go back and apologize to darren.  Isn't it funny how out of the same mouth that sings praises to God also comes evil?  That was the point of James 3. I want to be a genuine person and it starts first with what's inside.  I'm not perfect friends but am definitely learning!

Alright well I should get going. Hope you're having a great weekend. :)

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Anonymous said...

I await your book with great anticipation! Your blog is such a wonderful insight into a young woman's walk with Christ and with her new husband and as she grew into motherhood -- you will definitely be a blessing to many women, indeed. THIS is one thing I know to be true.

So, I've seen pics of Garrett standing -- has he taken tentative first steps yet? I pretty much assume there will be pictures and blogging and the like, but I had to's probably the "NanaG" in me, ya know? LOL!

Just a mother's 80th birthday is today, we had a celebration at one of my sister's tonight. Almost all the grandkids were able to be there (Mike was in a wedding, and the oldest two live out in Massachusetts). My youngest sister, Liz, made this beautiful book for my mom, full of pictures from when Mom was a child, through to the arrival of Mom's youngest great-grandson. Liz took the time to write a "Fairy Tale" story to go with the pictures, which all depicted various significant times in her and all of our lives. Liz said it only took her a week to pull it together, but the truth is that it MUST have taken a lot of thought and planning to pull it off. But because you do crafty stuff, I thought you'd like to know that she used a lot of really cool scrap book-like papers to mount the pictures and things. When I get a chance, I'm going over to Mom's to take some pictures of the book. I would LOVE to put it, and the oral reading of the Fairy Tale into a digital format (presentation of some kind). When I get things together, I will share it with you. It would be a really cool thing to for you own family as it grows. (I just am assuming God will bless you again with more children in time. LOL)

I need to get off here and get the pics from the party off the camera and uploaded... my sisters are EXPECTING copies! LOL

Have a wonderful remainder of your weekend, Laura.