Wednesday, February 22, 2012

To write is to pour out your life as a love offering for people you may never meet, because when you do so you feel God’s pleasure in your fingertips. -Lisa-Jo (

There I was last night kneeling on aching knees tracing letters that all together read, 'Happy Birthday'.  A simple banner but as I traced, my mind wandered to that first moment he was in my arms.  No even further back to when I held that tiny stick telling me God was forming my child.  I loved him from that moment on and as this mother prepares for the FIRST birthday she rejoices in a full year with the sweetest boy i've ever met, aside from my husband of course! 
This child of mine is a rare treasure.

Some mornings are made extra special when accompanied by 'I love lucy' and a giant cup of coffee. But not before a quiet moment with the Lord being reminded of this journey to a closer relationship.  It's the most incredible thing to have Him daily.  That he willingly pursues me knowing the past, present, and future.

There are issues out of my control that leave me with high blood pressure and an exhausted husband. (poor man has to hear all that is wrong with this world when he knows for himself) I won't get into details but this morning as tired eyes skimmed line after line of a most disturbing story I fumed.  My anger only grew with the next story and the one after that.  I forgot enemy is not against people..but against satan who has skillfully crafted lie after lie that has led to a disturbing corrosion of this once fine country and world.  As a follower of Christ I struggle with loving people and yet not accepting certain behaviors that go against God's word. 
I can hardly stand to read the news these days but the growing conflict around the world rings louder.  I'm so deeply hated by people in Afghanistan,  I'm deeply hated by a community of gays and transgender, I'm deeply hated by a group of Atheists, and deeply hated by a group of people who believe in having the choice to abort a life when it's not convenient for the mother. 
I'm hated. and this realization stings but brings comfort because it shows that I am right where Jesus said i'd possibly be.

John 15:18
“If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you.

When Jesus walked this earth he was seen performing the most wonderful miracles.  Caring for people and reaching out to them was his ministry.  He was incredibly bold to religious leaders along with coming to earth in the most unusual way.  He was hated for speaking the truth to people because it got under their skin and he called sin just that..sin. They could not even find fault in him but still crucified him.

I am His.  And from early on I knew this was part of the deal for following Christ.  As my freedom begins to feel like someone is choking the life out of it I have to remember what this world did to my Savior and his followers then.  If you're feeling slightly in the same boat as me be encouraged by the fact that Jesus wasn't silenced by the grave.  That grave did not Keep him and he did just what he set out to do, bring us life.  Don't walk through life feeling hopeless remember the hope we have in Christ and share His love with everyone you come to meet.  Bask in his glory and enjoy this daily walk alongside of him.  Don't grow weary when this world seems to be falling apart, look to the God who has and will always remain.
Thanking God for this reminder today!
Praying for you that you'd be strong and continue to seek Him.


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