Friday, December 9, 2011

I love to look through pictures and hoped you might too!

He is planning his next move ha, such a busy boy!

He crawls all over and walks along the furniture which is very tiring as the chaser.

But he's too cute.

I'm finding that my quiet times don't need to be long to be good.  This morning I grabbed my smaller bible and found the story of Paul and read in 2 Corinthians 12, about How God's grace is sufficient for me as it was for Paul. Thanks Nicole for passing this along to me yesterday!

He had a blast during breakfast this morning and was cracking me up.

Last night at 8:30 I decided to do some more Christmas baking while I watched Christmas movies! Chocolate dipped pretzel rods, don't mind if I do. :)

white chocolate!

Don't forget this important step..shortening to go in the choc. chips when you melt them.
It's possible I almost ruined the first batch but fortunately I remembered half way through melting the choc. chips.

I enjoyed decorating them.

Don't forget your pretty plate! I bought this one at Target for $2.00

And another pretzel goodie.
preheat oven to 350 degrees and place pretzels on your tray with the unwrapped rolo on top. 
Stick in the oven for 2.5 minutes and then take out and quickly place another pretzel on top to make a yummy treat.  You can also top it with an m'm, or nut. If you can try to place the tray in the freezer to cool and harden the chocolate for about 10 min.

BUT be freezer spit them all over the place. ha that was a cooking fail! I opted for the refrigerator instead.

So there's a little peak into one of my joys, baking!

Here is the current status of our apartment, very much undone and not safe for a child.

Garrett, you will always be that tiny baby in my eyes, love you sweet boy!

He is my happy helper.


Have you ever found out something from someone that just rocked you to the core?
I never want to be so prideful that I don't understand I too am one step away from sin.  I don't want to be ignorant to the schemes of satan either.  He's cunning, confusing, and as I've always said really good at what he does.
I've recently read through a book that was such an encouragement to me. It explained a few things in a way i'd never heard and drew me closer to God.
Then yesterday I found out the man who wrote the book had been engaged in an affair for a number of years. My heart ached and I was disappointed.  
So when I crawled into bed and was still discouraged to the choice of finishing out the last chapter of this book he wrote I decided to take it to my Heavenly Father.
We hashed over my own failures but how God has still used me, we remembered King David who was as God called a man after his own heart but still had an affair and had a man murdered.  Then I started to listen to God as he reminded me that i'm not to look to men because they will disappoint.  My God is the faithful one and men will fail (myself included) but he stretched his grace to an even further place in my heart.
Grace for others.

Ann Voskamp
God appoints people who do disappoint – to point to a God who never disappoints.

This is what I read this morning...pretty amazing!

So that's where God and I are traveling next in this journey of healing and restoring.  How I know this will be hard as he tweaks an area I will have to give to him with complete abandon.  My expectations of certain people and my lack of grace for when they fail.  I'm ready though. :)


We are approaching our move-in and move-out date and i'm excited.  We could definately use a few more hands to help but i'm not going to worry.  I'm soaking up this last week with a dishwasher and am preparing for a future of washing dishes daily. :)
Well i should get back to cleaning.  Hope you are having a great day!

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Anonymous said...

Did you finish the book?

Questions I ask of myself:

When a man admits sin, does that make him any more (or less) a sinner than myself?

If I don't read to the end, will I miss the most important part of his own journey?

What does it say about my own journey if I decide not to finish the book?

See, I've been there, and had to ask those same questions. Maybe not a book, but certainly in life. Today, for example. A young boy is about to be suspended for bringing his pocket knife to school. I am standing there talking with him, encouraging him, doing that "thing that I do" and I put my hand into the pocket of my own find my mini-multi-tool --- which has a 2-inch knife attached to it.

So I kept on encouraging him, etc. Told him that I believe in him, and that I do hope to see him before the end of the semester, and if not, that I will be thinking about him.

Meanwhile, I've put that darn tool back in my bookbag where it belongs....