Monday, December 19, 2011

We've moved!

Welcome to our new home!
I love it. 
I don't think i've ever been excited about a home quite like this before.  
It's hard though.  
I know that we'll be here for a year for sure but we don't have year(s) here and that is hard for me because I want to become attached to this home and fix it up like it is my own.  But the reality is we're borrowing this home for a time and although it's good to enjoy it, it isn't permanent. 
I will of course take you along with me as I make this home ours and we will enjoy the journey together!

I had to get some lights and fancy red bows on this home even if it was simple.  

Garrett is enjoying this new home very much.  He has been exploring all the extra space but he doesn't like when he loses his mommy.

We don't have a gate yet and for the time being he really hasn't gone around the stairs much but i'm sure in the coming months he'll want to climb up.

Garrett met Santa for the first time! I'm enjoying his first Christmas and all the little things that go along with it.
He did really well and didn't cry. :)  

I haven't taken a lot of inside pictures of our home yet but once it starts to come together in here I'll share! I'm not the best decorator but I still love to fix things up in my own way even if it doesn't look right. My mom and sisters have the gift of interior designing.  Where are they when I need them!?

I am beyond tired today and have been going going going since last Thursday.  I am sitting down for the first time since then.  It feels nice to rest.  We have had our hands full with this move and it didn't help to have a heavy heart from disappointment. Moving is not easy and having family far away makes it even more difficult.
But it was great to have people from Darren's work come over to help us move and my friend Crystal was more then willing to watch Garrett.  

I was surprised by the people who did help as well as by the ones who didn't. Sometimes we have to learn hard lessons through experience.  I must have talked to my parents a handful of times seeking their wisdom as I was dealing with a situation i'd never had to face before.  Thankful for godly parents who know me and can encourage me/teach me still after all these years.  

Anyways we had a bit of a surprise the night we moved in.  The heat was broken and as the temps read 47 degrees I was not happy.  Please understand that going on 3 hours of sleep, exhausted from moving down three flights of stairs, and wanting to protect my baby, I was not in the happiest moods.  I had expectations of moving in and getting things done right away but instead we bundled up and sat in Garrett's room that evening near the space heater.  
Thankfully the heat has been fixed and is working fine now.  I am much more cheerful and this home is all decked out for Garrett's first Christmas!  
I am bad during transitions.  When my home is all over the place I can't stand it! Can you relate?
I love knowing where everything is and that it has a place.  Trying to put everything away and balancing what we spend without going overboard isn't always fun.  
I still have much more work to do at the apartment and maybe two more loads to bring over.  Almost done though! 

I love our quiet neighborhood.  I look forward to taking Garrett on a walk soon and being able to bake later in the week.  It's time to crank out some good ol' Christmas cookies, puppy chow, and more. 
Alright well as this post is all over the place so am I and it's time to finish up a few more things and then get some sleep!
I hope you're enjoying this week. 
Merry Christmas

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