Monday, February 7, 2011

Hey! How has your Monday been so far?
This morning I was thinking back to the times I dreaded Monday mornings because of school or work and I have to admit I don't miss that feeling! It's nice to wake up Monday with a smile. This morning I cleaned the kitchen, sweeped, took out the trash, picked up the mail, and enjoyed some quiet time paging through the bible while eating yogurt. 

I'm looking forward to being a mom and having my son here.  They grow up quickly and it will be nice to spend time with him.  There is so much i'm grateful for but to be able to be given the gift of a child is amazing.  Children are a blessing from God and although they can be a handful, I've come to learn from other mothers that they are worth it!
As i'm nearing the end of my pregnancy i've realized the energy tank is running on empty.  It's not that I don't get enough sleep either.  I think my body is just exhausted and a little uncomfortable.  I will miss it though and that's why I try not to complain, because even though I can hardly get up from the couch or out of bed, I love feeling Garrett move around.  I love having him close to me right now and being able to carry him around with me.  It's nice to rest and not have any demands on me except growing a baby.  I love admiring his tiny clothes, nursery, toys and books, and picturing him with all of his things.  I will miss this feeling of anticipation, but I know God will replace that feeling with new, even better joys.  I don't know what it will be like when I hold him for the first time, or when I change his first diaper, sing to him his first lullaby, etc..but I know that i'm going to be one happy mother.  I will keep in mind that there will be hard nights and moments I feel tired and not capable of fixing whatever is wrong, but I know that God is faithful in providing for us.  I've been blessed with an incredible husband who is walking this new journey right alongside of me.  I have family and friends that are willing to offer encouragement, help, words of advice, and prayer.  All those will be what this young mother needs!

God is providing in huge ways for me right now.  Darren and I started attending a church that we both love.  It's more of the people that draw us in though.  Having a church family that is wonderful has been a blessing.  I enjoy this time of meeting new friends and coming under a safe place.  I was driving to church yesterday morning when I realized that it's important for me to give here because God created in me gifts that he wants to use in this church body.  It can be hard to go to a new church and find yourself in the mindset of 'what can this church do for me'.  It was good to have an attitude adjustment because Christ wants us to give as well...and we're blessed so much more by that attitude anyways. 
Last night the Sunday school class i'm in had a Superbowl party and I had such a great time! The packers won so that definitely helped. :) It was great to meet more people and develop new friendships with other mothers.  It will be nice to have Darren back again because I love it when he is around too. to give you an example of just how great my God is...

Tomorrow is my Birthday! I was sort of expecting to spend the day alone because I don't really have a lot of connections here yet, but a friend from church invited me over for dinner.  Then it turned into a group of girls going out to olive garden tomorrow night instead! When I first found out i'd spend my birthday away from Darren and family I was sad but figured it would be okay because i'd take myself out to lunch and there was always the phone calls from all my family.  (That's one of the best parts! hearing from them all in one day :))  But God blessed me with a great group of friends who care about me and want to make my day special.  God provides in the smallest ways but it means the most to me when He does that.

Thank you lord for 22 years of life. It is a privilege to call you my God, and to walk with you daily. 


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Anonymous said...

I hope this note finds you on your birthday, a day that seems to be shaping up to be one full of many blessings! I wish for you a lovely day, bright with joys and laughter, and filled with the love of family, friends and new-found friendships-to-be. And, while Garrett is safely tucked away in your tummy, I encourage you to spend a little time pampering yourself sometime soon. A good friend of mine celebrated her birthday yesterday, and she has made a new tradition of spending one day near her birthday having her hair done, pedi/manicure, and enjoying a full-body massage. I dunno if any of that is in your "enjoyment pallet" but I do hope you find a little time to do a few things that make that girly inside just glow all over the place. :-)

Have a great birthday!

(Incidentally, Michael is turning 22 on the 21st! I didn't recommend the same kind of pampering for him...LOL!)