Thursday, February 10, 2011

Well I tried to post a picture but for some reason am having technical issues so it apparently it's not meant to be! It's okay though, the picture was of a lap full of crackers, a juice and milk cup. :) Which leads me directly into sharing with you all that's been going on in the past few days!

I feel that we're close friends and want to keep you faithful readers up to date with this pregnancy.  On Tuesday I had a wonderful birthday but had to go to a doctor's app.  Apparently my blood pressure was too high for the doctor's comfort and she was concerned about preeclampsia. (I won't elaborate on what it entails but it's not fun stuff)  I prayed and prayed that the results of my tests would come back and i'd be fine.  Then last night I was feeling dizzy with a headache and figured maybe I could sleep it off but in the morning I felt the same.  I had to return my jug of urine anyways (oh yes that was a fun test! :)) So I headed up to the clinic to ask about my results for the blood work done and then also had a chance to ask about feeling lousy.  She said although my results came back fine with the blood work she wanted me to go over to labor/delivery to be checked out.  I went down the hall and started thinking, "I hope everything is okay". Waiting in the room among a few other very pregnant woman had me feeling anxious.  (It's hard to believe that i'll be there soon!) Anyways I was praying for a close friend of mine who is due anytime and was asking God would provide for each of them as her husband is gone on a deployment.  I was called back and as I turned the corner there she was! Please pray for her because she was doing the whole walk around to get things going further but she looked exhausted.
I went back into the room and the nurse was incredibly sweet and took very good care of me.  She hooked me up to monitors and it was fun to see my braxton hicks contractions on the monitor.  I felt like I had proof finally! lol anyways everything did come back great and the headache/dizzy feeling faded this afternoon.  They did check me and I am 2 cm dilated and 40% effaced so things are moving along.  My pregnant friend didn't want me to be alone so her friend and birth coach sat back with me for the entire time I was there.  We had a great time talking and she even explained some things about birth to me which i was grateful for.  Now friends, isn't it neat how God provides?!?? Seriously..I sat back in that room feeling sad that I was all alone and being hooked up to machines not knowing how the results would come back and God took care of me by letting me know He cares.  I can't begin to explain how awesome moments like that are to me.  I was praying one minute that God would bring comfort and peace of mind and the next minute my friend was asking if her friend could sit with me.
I went home and made a handful of phone calls and am now resting.  :) I'm praising God that there was no complications because I was told they would have induced me today and I'd have been without my husband or mother.  We're praying that Garrett waits another week!  I will be laying in bed and doing minimal activity because I don't want to stir things up at all.  After Darren comes home i'll be free to walk, walk, and walk some more! Isn't that funny? Most woman at this point start doing all kinds of things to get labor going and i'm begging God that it doesn't happen yet.

Phew! that was a lot to get out. I hope it all made sense. :) Garrett has been moving all around since I came home and it feels like i'm on a roller coaster, you know the way your stomach feels with all those dips on rides? That's what it feels like..well plus a few kicks and squirms too. But you get the point :).  I've been having braxton hicks contractions a lot and they're pretty uncomfortable with a little pain.  It's sort of neat how your body prepares for labor.  I realize that an actual contraction will be in more of a patterns and much more painful but as I breathe through these smaller contractions It's neat to see how my body is preparing for labor/delivery.   I am keeping a close watch on what's going on but at this point i'm doing good.
I can't wait to share with you after this is over! It's weird to be this close to having Garrett, because for so long it's just been talk but soon he'll really be here. 

My mom will be here very soon and i'm looking forward to her coming.  It will be wonderful to spend time with her and have the peace of mind knowing she's around in case Darren can't get back in time.
Alright well that about covers everything going on. Hopefully i'll be able to blog a couple more times. I've been reading Daniel still and would love to share a little bit soon about what i'm learning. 
I was writing in my journal tonight and this was the verse on the page;
"I have called you by name, you are Mine." Isaiah 43:1

I love that God is taking care of me in the small ways and the big ways. He truly does walk us through all sorts of situations.  I love that the same God that led Daniel is leading me today.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are home again! You just keep your feet up, your spirits up, and your heart in that joyous place you always keep it! With your mom arriving in a few days, I'm sure you will feel a little more at ease until Darren returns home. (I know I sure will be FOR you! LOL)

God definitely has a way with you, my young friend. You are a good and faithful servant, and He blesses you when you needed it the most. I do like that...praying for your friend, who, in turn, "loans" you her friend while you wait. God is never-ending, and He's just waiting to see the look on your faces when you see Garrett for the first time. Talk about joy ringing thru the heavens! Good times!

So you get yourself all rested up. Baby Boy is a'comin' soon!