Saturday, February 5, 2011

We're almost 37 weeks along in this picture :)

Today I put myself on bedrest for one day. I have been having too many braxon hicks contractions for my comfort level on top of feeling crampy these past few days and decided to take it easy.  I am extremely thankful to be at the liberty to make these calls! 

The other day was spent working on the nursery.  I was hanging paper ball lanterns from the step stool and realized if Darren were to walk in he'd probably not be pleased! I'm sure it was a funny site to see..but I was determined to hang those. I blame all the HGTV i've been watching... ;)
I painted the letters and tied ribbons to them so I could hang them as well.  It was a fun project and turned out really cute! I also hung two shelves and put up a couple cute pieces.  I'll post pictures soon! Even though a photograph doesn't do justice to how it looks in person.

My insights into motherhood...

I try hard not to take for granted the path God has led me to walk down.  I'm blessed to have a husband that loves me, close relationships with my immediate and extended family, a home to live in that's comfortable, always a meal to eat, and security in Christ.
I have been given a special assignment from God with Garrett and one He gives to all parents. 'To raise children who have a heart for Him'. It sounds simple but having to  demonstrate a heart for God ourselves, being a consistent example of God, dealing with the tantrums of young child, and working through difficult 'phases' our children have...well it's not that easy.  But i've noticed in my own life God also provides the strength and grace to accomplish what he asks of us when we come to Him.  I realize that I can't go at this job alone, I need Jesus. 
I think it's safe to say we all want the best for our children.  To some that is that they'd find success through becoming the star athlete, or top of their class, or to attend college and earn a degree.  Not that these things are bad but they aren't what I pray for in my son's future...I pray that he loves God with all his heart.  I can't wait to find out the ways God blessed this little guy and to encourage the things he loves to do as well.
But first and foremost It is my role as a mother to teach Garrett about the Lord and be an example to him of a mother who has a heart for the Lord.  
I am blessed to have a husband who will stand alongside of me and be an example to his son as a man that loves God.  For Garrett to have two parents that love God, each other, and him is a great start to his life already! 
Disciplining our son won't be fun. There's going to come a day that he loses that innocence of a child and he'll need to be corrected.  Being consistent with discipline won't always be easy.  God's word says "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6

I was raised by two people who loved God and each other very much.  They were an example of godly parents.  They were each consistent in punishing or handling tantrums. My mom stayed at home and my father worked.  It was important to my parents to have my mother stay at home because we kids needed her.  I am thankful that my mom was around and I realize that meant sacrifices with how much money was around but we were given an incredible childhood.  My parents were a team in raising us kids and they did a great job! 
I had a fear and respect for my father as a young girl (still do!).  When he said no it meant no, and we didn't talk back to him. I may have only been spanked a couple times by him but he made it known he was the parent and we were the children.  He didn't have to scream and yell around to gain our respect.  It was through his love that he gained that.  It came as a shock when I came in contact with children who ran the show in a home.  It's incredible how often that happens and I am puzzled with how our world became so backwards.  But at any rate that was not the case in the home I grew up in. My parents were in charge and we were to listen...they remained there...throughout highschool my mom stayed home and having her around held us accountable.  I didn't get into trouble because my parents were aware of what we were doing and put their foot down to us because they loved us.  Saying no is okay.
We attended church and the awana program wed. nights.  I loved God from a young age and was a happy girl! My mother had her hands full with five kids and we didn't make life easy for her.  But oh how I loved my mom and would miss her like crazy when I went away to a camp.  She taught me to love God with her example of Christ...she even sat with me after I accepted Christ to talk with me about it.  I was raised with strong morals and a faith in Christ and it has not left me. It is very neat to see things come full circle as I prepare to raise a son with my husband.  We will mess up and make mistakes but I hope Garrett is able to see the grace in our home for each other.  I am looking forward to the amount of time spent in prayer as a young mother.  There will be tears shed, sleepless nights, scary moments with a sick child, but I know that God has been preparing my heart for this very adventure.
My parents believed in me.  Even as I stumbled through highschool, went to college here and there, they reminded me of the most important thing about me, that I loved God.  I didn't want to have a career and never had much of a desire after highschool to attain a degree.  It was my hearts desire to be a wife and a mother and to know more about God.  I wanted to attend a bible college just to study God's word more,  and I grew up wanting to be a missionary or pastor's wife.  I want to have as much faith in my son as my parents had in me.  Even when in the worlds eyes I wasn't following the right path.
God created those desires in me and my parents loved me through the uncertain times.  I met Darren in the most unusual way and I know God had him planned for me.  I was married at the age of 19! BUT i'm so glad we did.  Now we are in the navy which is a huge missions field in itself and we're called to love those God places in our lives...and to top it off we're being blessed with a baby boy. :) God took us through hard times and we are able to be a testimony to other couples going through hard times.  My life wouldn't be marked by this world as successful but I have been given endless blessings and I wouldn't want to trade this life for anything.

To wrap this up..i'll share with you a piece of my night :)...

This is what studying your bible looks like at 37 weeks pregnant :).  I'm pretty sure the words I read tonight tasted sweeter to my soul than any candy but it was fun to snack on while reading about how God is sovereign.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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Anonymous said...

With such grace comes much wisdom. With wisdom, understanding.
With understanding, mercy.

You will be an amazing parent, young woman. Of this, I am unwaveringly certain.