Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I woke up this morning and peeked my sleepy eyes at the damage...I would have taken a picture but who really wants to see Laura's mountain of snotty Kleenex on her nightstand? NOT ME!

Since Saturday morning I've been sick with a cold and just when I thought this had to be the end of it, I've been hit hard with another round of a fever! I've taken Tylenol but that doesn't seem to cure this sick girl.  Garrett doesn't like the coughing that much and will kick me in the side if I start coughing too much..I kid you not! All I can do is laugh when that's happened.
Today I went to the doctor for a regular appointment and they couldn't find my chart. We went through all the fun questions and finally straightened out the details...I hope! They couldn't believe I was 36 weeks and the nurse was laughing as she told me she thought I wasn't that far along because I looked so tiny. With that comment she redeemed herself! :) but..
 I'm not sure how you can lose a chart and that's the last thing a pregnant woman wants to hear a few weeks before she's scheduled to have a baby.  I'm thankful for friendly nurses and doctors though, that's been an answer to prayer.  Everything looks good this week between the baby and I and i'm thankful for that as well! 
I haven't been sleeping well the past few nights with being sick so last night I got up around midnight and put the bedding on the crib and put together his cute mobile. I'll have to post pictures soon but i'll probably wait until It's all finished.  I decided to start packing his diaper bag for the hospital and as I pulled out socks and a few outfits I thought about how close we are to meeting our little man!
It's funny how i've sort of gone into a panic mode with realizing we don't have everything ready.  I was getting a pair of socks for his bag and noticed he doesn't have enough, and then I looked up and saw we still need a cover for the changing pad, and the car seat doesn't have an infant insert to keep their head from shaking around.  I then remembered that we still have to put the carseat bases in the cars, and the nursery isn't finished...oh yeah I was freaking out a little.  I've never wanted life to be so perfect for someone else.  I'm going to be a mom...wow I can't believe it!
The other night I saw a 9 month old little boy and he was so cute as I held him but I had the strangest fear for having my own child.  Thoughts of, 'am I going to be good enough?' or 'How in the world am I going to be a mom, I don't know how to fully take care of a baby'.  As my husband says, 'You're just a worrier'. :) He keeps me grounded and God blessed me with a spouse who balances me out perfectly. 
I know even though I don't deserve God's grace and mercy that as He offers it i'm humbled and grateful to be able to trust He'll be along with us for this journey.  I love Garrett so much already and again, haven't ever wanted life to be so perfect for anyone like I do for him.  I can't wait to kiss his cheeks and let him know I will do my best to take care of him for as long as God allows me.  I just want him to understand how loved he is by his mom.
This morning I woke up around 5:30 because I couldn't sleep with the sneezing, coughing, and heartburn mixture so I made myself a hot cup of tea and settled at the kitchen table to work on the lesson from our Sunday school class.  I sat there thinking about how thankful I am for my new friends and this church we've been going to.  It's been nice to be a part of a church family and to be making friendships.
Last Friday night a group of navy wives got together for dinner and it was a great time. One of them is my friend Kate who is also pregnant with her first (a boy too!) and we had a great time. It's neat to come together with other navy wives and talk about the navy and what's going on in our lives..how we're dealing with our men being gone and be an encouragement to each other.  Tomorrow i'm going to see my friend Kate and I'm looking forward to hanging out again. I can't wait for her to have her son, but as her husband is gone I was wondering if you could pray for her that God would surround her with family and friends and his love during these months her husband is gone.  It breaks my heart that he can't be there for the birth or the beginning of his baby boy's life. 

Well I'm sorry this post is all over the place but I guess that's how i've been feeling lately! :) I hope during this cold season you have dodged the bullet and are in good health.  BUT if you do happen to have it please take some medicine for the both of us! Can't wait to feel normal again :) 

OH! and guess what?? My mom is coming in less than two weeks!!! I can't wait :) I miss her so much. 

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Anonymous said...

First off, "Mary," you are in good company, wondering whether you are good enough for Garrett. Of course you are, or God would not have chosen you to be this little angel's mommy! I won't tell you to quit worrying, because that is just what comes with the territory with being his mom. As a mom, I will assure you that as you and Darren become accustomed to taking care of Garrett, you will discover that you will worry only about the big things. When he cries and you don't know why...when he's sick...when he doesn't come home on time.

Next, try sitting up in a comfy chair to sleep tonight. You might find yourself with less heartburn and your breathing will ease up some. It's not optimal, but it helps. I would also suggest that with a fever you be very careful. If it continues into later tomorrow, call the doctor and see if you don't have an upper respiratory infection. That would be a good bet if you have massive quantities of snottage. ;-) Antibiotics at this point in your pregnancy won't hurt either of you, but it will certainly mess you up if you do have an upper resp infection without meds. Something to consider for later on. (I've been there done that and was pregnant too...)

It's so good to hear you have a group of women around you there on whom you can lean while Darren is out. Especially good to hear of your friend Kate! Friends are good to have as you enter into motherhood. Those years of experience are invaluable, believe me.

Now then, you get yourself some rest, even if it's only a few hours at a time. Make your list of things you need to take care of, and for now, just REST!!! Let your body do what it is supposed to do: heal.

Rest easy, Laura...I mean, "Mary." :-)