Wednesday, April 11, 2012

He is sitting in his chair eating french fries, eyes glued to the television.
Legs were folded neatly together while the heart admired the gift of motherhood.
Sometimes being a good mom is having a living room picnic while talking about our adventure to the library all while in watching the television. 
But that gift of being together was a treasure.
This is my life..

My greatest adventure

He grows and we teach him about love while pouring into him.  He will leave one day and if we've done what God called us to, he'll be just fine.
Being a parent is not simple. 

•Staying consistent
•Being the disciplinary
•Being an example to the sponge-like child
•loving on the hard days and through the straining moments
•Faithfully praying
•trusting God as they grow more independent from you

For now he thinks he's able to discover the world away from mom.  But it's my job to keep him safe.  I'm not letting these moments slip by.
I know they're going to go fast and so that's why on some occasions..
We make a mess in the kitchen and don't clean it up because i'm craving his giggles and he needs mom's attention.
We play chase instead of putting another load in the washer
Clutter piles up inside while we remain outside for the day.
It will get done in the late hours of the day when he's resting.

We're close.  Each day we wake up with huge smiles for each other and throughout the day we chat and laugh together. I teach him about boundaries and how to be gentle and kind.  We read books, try to learn sign language(he's not interested), we sit outside and he looks puzzled over a piece of grass between his fingers. We eat three meals together and he laughs throughout while I make silly faces meant for only him.  I laugh at his babbling.
He has always been laid back and easy going.
If he gets upset we tell him to pull it together but who can really reason with a one year old? :) We attempt to anyway!
His daddy comes home and he always hops up from whoever he is and lets out a screech of excitement while walking straight into the arms of his hero.
Every single day.
There's a man he calls dad that he can't get enough of.  And that dad is the second best father i've ever known.  I wish you could see those two together because you'd understand.
The evenings are full of playing, relaxing, with a short break for dinner.
I can't forget to thank God I'm reminded. 
{this is from Him to me}
What a gift for an undeserved girl!
Now this is grace lived out
If you're overwhelmed today as a mother
Remember that your child is a gift from the Lord so embrace them.
Treasure the days as their mother, don't speak poorly of them, pray for them always, and remember to give yourself grace daily.

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brandymarie11 said...

Amen!! Your such an amazing person and mother!!