Monday, March 12, 2012

People get offended easily these days, or has it always been that way?

I know what I believe and i'm not willing to compromise that.  Unfortunately it gets under people's skin when you don't agree with them.
It's not one group in particular.  It's humanity that throws up words in defense of whatever they've come to believe is 'The Truth'.
And the mass chaos fills our world. The endless conflicts from minor to very major.
I remember fighting with a sibling knowing that I was right on the matter and inside I was heated and angry.  And it grew with me over larger matters now.
Ignorance is a lack of knowledge and a lot of people walk around with beliefs that are rooted with ignorance.
I can't tell you how often people have completely misunderstood Christ. 
I have learned to let it go when an atheist has plastered tattoos mocking my Savior.
[I'm not their judge] 
I have learned to let it go when a community spouts off that i'm not tolerant.
[I'm not their judge either]. 
I have learned.
{To love them}

I'm not sure what is worse some days, the News or Facebook?
Both are filled with endless opinions and stories that tell of our worlds status and it leaves a very unpleasant young women in me.
Often i'm furious and I have to walk away to take a breather.
How could so and so be so ignorant?? 

Can we go here today?
Because I can't get around it.  It's there..Evil. No matter how pretty my house is or how much I try to shut out the outside for this small family. Well it's there.
There are wars and conflicts that are growing larger, a young soldier that just shot down families in Afghanistan, an attack on my country that I can't shake (9/11), An ever growing demand for tolerance for everyones personal choices no matter what I believe is right or wrong, an American church that is expected to be perfect but seems to be causing even more turmoil for those looking to find Christ only to discover what they believe are hypocrites, The once Father, Mother, Child dynamic is almost out the door, abortion fight, Gay community fight, Euthanasia fight, Death penalty fight, and God continues to be pushes out...for now.

Ephesians 6:12
New International Version (©1984)
For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 

And here it is. 
His word to me, to comfort and still my ever increasing tense spirit over all of these matters.
Is it better to create safe happy places and forget what's going on out there?
No...that's being ignorant.  and some say that's bliss but that's satan's way of keeping you in the dark I believe.

There's a real battle going on and it's not against any person or group of people.  It's not against flesh and blood! Remember this when you're standing before your spouse in a dispute, or when your child is making your life very difficult, or when a friend has hurt you, or a celebrity spouts off their political opinions :).
It's satan who is behind each unkind word, broken home, war, lie, and sin.
Like he stood next to Eve so long ago, well he hasn't moved his place. Take a glance at the news or browse through facebook and you'll see he's not left his post as the one that rules over earth.

It's hard friends.
It's worth praying and confessing to God our fears...For he is still in charge and has a plan that was already put into place when Jesus came, no even before that when he tells the serpent(satan) of Jesus' coming.
The Devil already knows the end..he has everything to lose so you betcha he's going to work hard during this time he has pull as many away from Christ as He can.

I reach my hand out and open it..laying it flat against the bed.  It's dark and a lot is on my mind.
I start to cry as I confess that i'm judging again.  I say, 'you are the good judge I don't need to stand as judge for anyone, i'm sorry Lord'.  We start to talk about the current status of our world and then I tell him how badly I can't wait for His return to this broken world.  I lay still and tears soak my pillow.  I ask him to just fill the room with His presence and calm the lingering fears. 
He does.
He comes close again and I close my eyes thanking Him for letting me be His.
It's not about cute blog posts, or the perfect angle on a picture, how flowing my post sounds,
no it's about loving you dear friend.
Wanting you to know the same hope i have in Christ.
I'm not trying to perfect this blog.
I'm trying to become more like Christ daily and I want you to know Him.  Because He wants to invite you to walk with him daily and know him as your personal savior too.
It's a relationship, not a religion.
It's coming to His word and reading it because it's Him speaking through it.

This world is filled with evil of all sorts and pain. You can choose to judge it, ignore it, or give it to God daily.
Will you join me in stepping down from the Judges seat today?
For you see..

Psalm 7:11

New International Version (NIV)

11 God is a righteous judge,
a God who displays his wrath every day.

He has us in his grasp, don't ever forget that.  He has a plan to redeem what has been broken.
He loves us very much.

We are walking together and that's why I write, so you remember you're not alone today.  That someone has said a prayer for you and maybe for you to see joy being lived out.
Praying for you dear one!

A few pictures..

I spent all afternoon catching up on the dishes. I made the mistake of taking a few sick days..bad idea!

I had always wanted a clothes line. There is some strange joy that comes over me everytime I walk outside with a few things to hang. I'm reminded of my mother and grandmother when they would hang clothes up. That fresh smell..oh yes i'm smiling now!

It was so good to visit with you today, until next time!


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Anonymous said...

As I read your post tonight, I felt memories from when I was your age wash over me. I think you have it together a LOT more than I did, but more importantly, you have it together MUCH more than most young adults, therefore you feel the frustration of wanting so much for a world that needs so much.

Ignorance is less a judgmental state than it is a state of innocence. People who are truly ignorant, simply haven't learned. If they have never given over to the Father, then they are truly walking without the knowledge that God IS. I have a younger friend who is studying for her PhD in history, and several years ago we had this really deep conversation over a period of weeks, about my belief and how hers is similar. Well, I maintained that my belief was just that -- my belief. SHE declared that she believed in spirits, unnamed coincidences, and all sorts of things that some folks will claim as a belief system, because believing in Jesus as our Savior is (these were her words, mind you) "too popular a notion." (Seriously...I launched onto that one! LOL) When I was done with my -- eh-hem.... -- SERMON, I think she realized she had misspoken, gave me my due, and realized that maybe, JUST maybe, she was believing in Jesus afterall.

Score One for God! :-)

Still, though, afterward, I had to sit back, thank Him for the words - because I'm just not that eloquent - that helped her see a different perspective, focus in a little more on her growing beliefs. I was terribly humbled, to be truthful, but also somewhat in awe that the conversation even took place!

Sometimes we are the student. Sometimes we are the teacher...
Both are humbling, neither is perfect, and those roles can switch at any given moment.

Keep feeling what you feel, Laura. Acknowledging what we have inside us is half the battle. Having the courage to let Him work on us, and through us, is the other half. Methinks you have your halves together. :-)