Thursday, March 15, 2012


He hugs his pregnant wife and kisses her goodbye. 
A man comes up and asks to shake his hand and says, 'Thank you for your service'.
I choke back a sob.  
Be strong Laura..just be strong and don't cry.
He flashes a smile one last time and turns swinging that green sea bag over his shoulder.  
Step after step he moves forward not looking back.

I climb into the car and I start to smile and I pray out loud thanking God for the beautiful day and for my husband.  I ask he'd keep him safe over the months to come and to keep us close.

Oh sweet friend are you walking through this season of deployment? Getting ready for one or are you anxiously awaiting the return of your man? 
It's hard. Don't let anyone fool you otherwise.
There is nothing normal about having your husband gone for 6+ months.

But can I tell you what i've come to learn that i'd hope would encourage you too?
God WILL bless you and redeem that hard time.

The military may direct your families destination but God is in every detail orchestrating the path HE wants your family to be on. Trust Him and go willingly.  There is nothing worse then seeing a military spouse who goes kicking and screaming. I know because i've been there and it's a shame.
You have to make a choice to accept the unfortunate circumstances of your husband's departure and embrace God's plan for your family.

Here are a few things that have helped me:
♦Spend time with God

♦See family 

♦Pray without ceasing.  (For your spouse, family, and for strength.)

♦Get out of the house! (play group, over to a friends house, lunch or coffee dates with a girlfriend)

♦Serve God (I loved helping in the kids club at church).

♦Write letters, email, (and if you miss a call •breathe•or cry if that helps.) :) Don't you hate when that happens!

♦It's okay to cry some days.

♦Have the courage to square those shoulders and do life.

♦Remember the huge sacrifice you are making and see it as a gift to others.  You are in the 1% that serves this country and that's an honor.  Be proud of your man.

♦Remember that God has chosen you for this. He will provide.

♦Don't dwell on 'who has it harder' be thankful that you are able to go to sleep in your own bed, have the comforts of home and are relatively safe.  

♦Choose to love him and work through any differences that arise during the time apart. It's going to happen and miscommunication will occur but remember to seek the Lord always.

God is still writing my story and I have to admit that my stomach still turns into knots when we receive word my husband will be leaving.  There is not much glory in being a military wife but I have seen how God blesses an attitude that embraces and it's incredible! 
Don't walk this road alone and defeated.  There are many other families facing the same thing so dare to get to know another women and reach out to her.  
I have loved how different wives handle deployments differently because it gives me the right encouragement.  There is no one perfect way to handle a deployment.   These are some things that i've picked up from others that i've kept close to my heart because they've worked.

And to close..
Don't ever forget that sweet moment when He walks back into your life with a smile and that embrace...oh that embrace is one you will NEVER forget! 
Treasure that gift dear one.
I am praying for you today and hoping that you are doing well with whatever season you find yourself in today.
Would love to hear your stories on how you handle deployments! 


Valarie said...

God bless you Laura and your dear family!

Beth said...

Jumped over from (in)courage ... thank you for this message. I am a mother to a daughter who will be deployed in May to Afghanistan. Walking by faith and trusting in the One who loves her most!

Ruth said...

My neighbor and her husband were actually deployed together and that's how they met. That was about 8 years ago and they now have 2 little girls. He's currently deployed with the Army in Kuwait. Both need Christ desperately. She comes over and talks and is searching hard. We are praying for both of them that God would bring them to Himself. They and their marriage desperately need Him to work a miracle.

Thanks for posting this! God is in every detail of our lives - including when our neighbors would move here and what happened in their lives until now. I can't wait to see what God does!!