Thursday, January 19, 2012

(Sorry for the short break but I needed it :). Although I have a lot to catch up on we will just pick back up where we left off and move ahead.)

Jan 19

I bend over and whisper a prayer of thanks for daddies, mommies, grandparents, family, playing with sweet Caroline and William Heidt, a good day, and I ask for rest and an fun adventure tomorrow.  He stares back at me looking with wonder.  I kiss his sweet cheek and pull the covers around him a little more snug.  Where has this last year gone to I wonder.

He is getting big but I savor these days and with the constant reminder that they will go by quickly I don't want to miss a beat.  So today I thank the Lord for this chance to stay at home with my little one.  To be there every step of the way and not have him miss me during the days has been a gift.  We sacrifice with our one income but we're happily making it work and seeing God provide.    
I was able to choose this path that's not often taken by mothers in our culture and i'm well aware of how special it is.
I will have 18 years (God willing) before my baby leaves and in those years I have a vital role to be there to teach him, love him, provide a safe home, and care for him.  God entrusted me with Garrett and equipped me with the knowledge on how to care for him.  It's really an incredible thing.  (In no way am I knocking working mothers, I know some families need that extra income)
Today I saw a statement by a mother who was feeling less then worth it as a mom because of the way our culture views a mom as 'just a mom'.  I wanted to reach through the computer screen and hug her and let her know that she has been given one of the most selfless jobs out there but also the most rewarding.  At the end of our lives as mothers this world will not be cheering us on and rewarding our work as a mother but let me tell you God will be if you did your job well.  He is the one that ultimately cares that you do this job well and embrace it daily.  Don't miss out on these precious years of a child, they go by too quickly.


I had a history lesson today and came to learn the special role our military plays.  You always hear about supporting our troops and having pride in the military but it wasn't until today that I came to grips with why. The declaration of independence was a wonderful thing documenting our freedom from Britain but it wasn't until years later that our military men FOUGHT for it.  Britain didn't look at that piece of paper and say 'oh you want your freedom? okay sure here you go..'  No..we had to fight for it.  Men died on the way to earning that freedom and in Yorktown is when we finally gained our freedom years after the declaration of independence was signed.  Not because of Congress did we gain freedom, because of our military men.  (Thanks to my brother in law Dave who this past summer brought us around VA showing us site after site of history, helped tied together some loose ends!)
1% of men and women now serve in the military (Very close to this, if I'm wrong please correct me) and they are a VERY special group of people.  To give up their freedoms of a nice warm couch and t.v. and trade it for a life in a ship sleeping in a cold place away from home around 10 other guys..for us. Risking their lives and some dying.  It's amazing that they sacrifice daily freedoms like growing facial hair, wearing civilian clothes, time away from family so that we have freedom. Without these people I wouldn't be able to write freely probably.

And you know what I was told today? That God hand chose this woman to be a navy wife.  I don't walk around with much pride but I think gaining this respect is very appropriate and well deserved.  My husband falls in this 1% and I think he's awesome for that.  I get to support him as a Sailor and make his home a safe haven away from the stress of work.  I get to love him and be the Martha Washington (you'll have to read up on her story of going to see George Washington when he was away) in this story.  I know that God has led us to this hard stinky sometimes not fair lifestyle...but his ways are higher then mine and I'm really thankful to find myself right where He wanted me. 

Until next time, I pray you're doing well and growing in your faith and relationships!

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Anonymous said...

Girl, when you write, you can certainly preach it well! I think that many of our youngsters would do well to learn how much of a sacrifice is made so that they can sit in a classroom wearing close to whatever they choose, carry iPods, cell phones, favorite books, tiny toys from childhood tucked deep in their pockets, and eat foods they love, watch the videos they like and be as big or little a turd as their parents (or teachers?) allow them to be. A few of my students have family in the military - a few of them get it, some not so much.

Learning about the history of the life you are a part of is important to your growth in Christ, your marriage, your own personal understanding of things. And it makes you uniquely into a strong and amazing mom for Garrett. (I am smiling at how you began your blog....very touching, very loving and shows how very much you love your son.)

Life....kind of a fun thing to navigate, eh? Hugs and hugs!