Wednesday, January 25, 2012

She brings me an afghan and places it on me, tucking it in around my achy legs. 
Still my favorite mom after all these years. :) 
She knows the balance of compassion and discipline..she gets it and i'm blessed because of it.
She created a safe harbor for her family. A place of peace and rest in a broken world.  My father and her worked hard to provide this home for their children. It's never been a particular home but wherever God brought us their love bloomed and our home was safe.
I did my best growing here and it hasn't changed.
I'm on a vacation and it's allowing me time to rest once again.
*I've picked up a good book
'One thousands Gifts' (Ann Voskamp)
*I'm listening to soothing music all day
 *chatting with my momma keeping her company.
 *loving my sweet 11 month old who can't get around fast enough for his liking but having a great time.
We are enjoying this trip to say the least.

I pray you have a place like this or that you can create a similiar atmosphere wherever you find yourself.  I was blessed with protection and love for 23 years.  I'm really working hard to build that in my own home.  My home is with Darren and even though I find that my strength in Christ is renewed when I come visit with my family I love to be with my man.

After half a day of traveling we arrived safely and now will remember fond memories of good conversations with strangers.  I'm glad we talked and didn't ignore the other.  Having a baby seems to make starting a conversation easier, wouldn't you agree?

I spent the day open hearted to God allowing Him to pour his word in.  I've Settled into the couch with a heart full of words to write that make it safely to my word document that reads:
"My Book"
Finally I have embraced this place that leaves my heart skipping a beat every time it comes to mind.  That i've dared to be vullnerable and carry no fancy title or degree.  I'm simply a young girl with a meaningful message to share. 
My intentions are to love and encourage woman across the world. 
A passion to see another life come together as a result of these words would be incredible.
If you know me then you'll believe me when I say my prayers go before and after each page written.  I go back and re-read reminding myself to have patience and grace for myself through this process.  It takes time and life still happens as I write to you. 
I pray it would be recieved well if that's His will.
It's going to be an adventure and one I want to share with the ones who have seen me grow over the years. (you) :) 
I don't know what God will do with all these words and my story but if all falls short at least I will have grown closer to God because of it. 


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Anonymous said...

Yaaaaaaaay!!!! I can't wait to read it! You keep doing what you do the way you do it, too!

So, you are keeping a close watch on that pre-walkin' boy of yours, yes? He's going to surprise you by RUNNING up to you very very soon! One of Kim's friends has a 9mo old little girl who is determined to walk before she is 10mos old!!! Her grandma has her taking 5-6 steps now, but that lil' stinker drops to her knees after that and crawls like the devil is after her! LOL! She's a stubborn lil' thing, too. But, all things in good time, yes? I just bet Garrett is going to be on his feet and not looking backwards uber-soon....and if you think your legs are tired now.....!!!!!

I'm glad you have this chance to come back home for another visit. Extra home-time is good for your soul. And a special time with your mom, as you said. Soak it in, girl, cuz you are lucky we aren't having the winter we had last year! LOL

Keep plugging away on that book of yours...I can't wait!