Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I love to bake.  
Not being in the kitchen much since having Garrett wasn't intentional but as the holidays approach out came the apron, bowls, chocolate chips, and rubber spatulas! I'm all settled into my kitchen and am comfortable following along recipes once again.  It's ironic that i've chosen baking to be a distraction from snacking during the quiet afternoons when i'm starving! Thankfully i'm not a dessert lover or i'd be in trouble.

The man of this house has a sweet tooth though and it's my hope he is satisfied once again with all the baked goods.  

sugar cookies!

homemade frosting!

Decorating these brought back sweet memories of my childhood.

Garrett was having fun with the laundry basket.  I was holding on, don't worry!

He does own pants but has been crawling out of them literally so after the 10th time putting them back on we decided to let him be.

His personality has us cracking up all the time now.

Did I mention he is keeping us busy while he climbs up onto EVERYTHING?

Today my mom's famous brownies came to be in my home! It was very exciting.

(My cookbook)  Although I still love my cookbooks and they're getting plenty of my attention again.

I can't wait for tiny little hands to help unwrap all those carmels one day!

They smelled wonderful.


Yesterday I made fudge for the first time! 

And this one last picture gave Darren and I a good laugh.  He was pitching in this past Sunday doing laundry and mixed a red tablecloth with the towels and as we've possibly all done, this was the result! Sorry Garrett..you now have pink wash cloths. :) 
Laughter was a gift though and we hunched over from it.


Diet, weight loss, healthier..
I'm not sure what to call what it is i'm doing but I'm feeling better with my choices when it comes to food, and working out.
I've downloaded an application that allows me to track calories during the day (There's an option to scan a bar code on food!).  Also i've been running, drinking a ton of water (96oz), and have finally sealed the deal with an amazing accountability partner.  I am trying to be more educated with taking care of my body.  My friend encouraged that I shouldn't stress about losing weight and her words were exactly what this girl needed!  This week I feel at peace with the desire to be healthy.  I don't feel deprived from food or depressed because the scale doesn't read the right number.  I am making wiser choices and there's peace found in doing that.

I hadn't realized how much I was snacking throughout the day from stress and boredom.  I came to the realization that I want to look good for my husband. I want to honor him and be at my very best.  In the same way I don't want him to lose his love for God he doesn't want me to let my physical body go. I can respect that. There is such a fine line with this particular issue but i'm learning.

The sweetest thing in going down this new path is that i'm not alone.  People struggle with weight all the time and it's not easy.  But I have some really amazing people walking me through.  There is one friend named Beth who every time I see her tells me that i'm looking skinny! That is a confidence booster for sure!  Being encouraged has always been a motivator personally. 
So there's the latest on that :).


My heart was racing as I approached the church.  How was I to teach a group of girls about self-worth and beauty when it is one of my deepest struggles.  I'm one of the most insecure woman out there.  But the other leader asked that i'd lead since she wouldn't be there.  Preparing for this lesson was eye-opening and for that i'm glad to have been able to have the opportunity. 
 I wanted to tell those beautiful girls that it was going to get easier.  That the pain of not seeming to measure up to our culture's standard would eventually fade and that they'd have strength each day to remember where God's word reminds them of their unique one of a kind design.  But I hadn't even come to accept those truths yet.  I wasn't believing God's strength would be made perfect in my weakness. 
They spoke with such raw emotion and pain that I knew all to well. But the words came out of my mouth that God took great pride in them.  We jumped into 1 Samuel 13 where God chooses David to be king because of his heart.  We finished the night off with a little book that has warmed my heart time after time. ('God thinks you're wonderful' by Max Lucado).  I hoped that these girls walked away with the hope that they are not alone and there is a God who thinks they're one of a kind.  It's hard to be a woman in a world that is so cruel especially to a woman.  I recently read an article written on a Victoria Secret model and how she prepares for a shoot.  In the weeks ahead she essentially starves herself and she works out twice a day.  Moving ahead with my day there was a sense of peace in knowing that there is joy in raising a son, cleaning a home, having relationships, and investing my time into others not only myself.  I don't need to compare myself to a model..I am unique and was made for more.  I am thankful for a healthy balance in my life right now.
Proverbs 31:30
Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.


Have a wonderful Evening!

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