Saturday, October 29, 2011

happy halloween

I have been enjoying this little guy more and more each day.  Tonight we went to a Halloween party (pictures will come later!) and I said, 'Garrett, can mommy have a kiss?' and he turned his head and leaned in and pushed his mouth on my cheek.  I couldn't stop smiling! He is growing and learning and giving kisses?! I didn't even think he knew what that meant but he's catching on quickly. 

We have enjoyed his first Halloween already so much already. We went to get pumpkins, went to a party, went to an amusement park for a free fun day, and are going trick or treating this monday evening.  I realize he is way too little but we're walking around with friends and i'm looking forward to it. :)

Garrett is sleeping through the night.  I feel refreshed in the morning! We put him down and  he is sleeping until around 7am.  It took a few nights of letting him cry it out but now he understands.  We spend a great deal of time together during the day and I get to love on him plenty but at night we need our time and sleep.  I'm really thankful that this has been a smooth transition.  I don't mind the occasional getting up for emergencies but every night for the last 8 months isn't good for our family. 

I hope you have a wonderful Halloween!   


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I'm SO glad he's sleeping through the night for you now. Some little ones kinda take their time at that. Once you feel the effects of HIS sleep working, you'll find a lot of your days becoming much, MUCH easier. :-)

It's really wonderful that you got to spend the day with other military families enjoying Busch Gardens at no cost. (I wish this would happen EVERYwhere for all military families!)

Have a fantastic night trick or treating tomorrow!