Wednesday, November 2, 2011

This past week has been filled with the most peaceful days.

My little pumpkin having fun on his first Halloween.

We had a blast at his first Halloween party!

There's not a whole lot of projects you can do with an 8 month old but I took on a small one.  We taped a paper bag to the high chair, plopped him down and handed him a marker (with extra help).  He quickly let me know I had the wrong idea and that high chairs are for eating in, not coloring!  Silly mother! :) But I enjoyed it anyways.  

Tonight we were able finally capture Garrett's hand print with a 'first handprint' kit.  I am not the best at marking down memories but I want to remember that tiny hand! He has grown so quickly over the months and I'm longing for things to slow down.  The past 8 months have been full and I'm really enjoying motherhood.


I have been missing my mom a great deal lately.  It's funny how someone can become so dear to you when not too long ago you didn't get along much. (high school girls are sassy!) The navy has done more positive things in my life then i'd imagined possible.  One being how close I am with family.  You learn very quick not take for granted the time you do spend together and it's all the more special when you can get away to see each another.  I miss my mom though.  She pushes me like no one else, because she knows me the best.  The thing that is great about her is that she also loves.  She knows my breaking point and is right there to hug me and let me cry it out on her shoulder.  I love being her daughter because she's an incredible woman.  We've had our difference of course but I love that woman beyond belief!  A few months ago I was able to go spend some time in Indiana and see her but when she dropped me off at the airport it was heartbreaking.  I didn't want to go.  She makes me a better Laura and I feel home when I'm with her.  
Crafty, wise, funny, caring, home-body, hard worker, awesome cook, woman of God, loving wife and mother of five, and so much more.  When I think of someone that i'd like to be like it's always her.  Growing up I was blessed to have her as my mother.  She taught me about God and led me to know Him as my personal savior.  She gave me the greatest gift by loving my father.  She showed me Christ's love for 22 years.  When I disobeyed there was a punishment but when an apology came to her she forgave and we moved on never bringing it up again.  Things were resolved that day and It taught me how God forgives right away without needing time to think about it.  
Today we were able to talk on the phone and I loved bringing her good news from what's been happening where we are.  After I hung up the phone I wanted to pack the car up and head to indiana for a visit but know It will be a few months until we see her.  Did I already say I missed her!? But God still blesses our relationship and uses her time after time to mold me into the woman he has called me to be.  
I keep hoping and praying one day we'll find ourselves living close but I know God has called my little family away from Indiana for right now for his purpose.
Hope you're well! 


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