Thursday, August 11, 2011

He's almost 6 months now and continues to charm his way into my heart day after day. Even though my heart is full of love for him no matter what.  This evening he sat on my lap while we learned about Hannah and how she had a little boy named Samuel and gave Him to God. I kissed his cheeks and told him that I had also given Him to God and prayed one day he would love God.  My baby reached for his story bible to gnaw away at the pages but as I whispered a prayer to the Lord He looked up at me and smiled. 
I can't help but praise my savior for this tiny gift.  I have the most incredible job in the world.

I can't wait to see you slip on your rain boots and jump in the puddles or go on adventures with a cardboard sword.  You are blessed.

I'm enjoying a quiet day.  In fact me, myself, and I went on a date! To the movies :).  I asked Darren if it would be okay if I slipped out for the evening and said, 'Go for it!'. We all need a break from reality from time to time.  Then I came home and sat on the deck just in time to watch a beautiful sunset while enjoying time with my heavenly father.  

  I hope you're enjoying this day!  

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the sunset here this evening, just a little bit differently. This was our last night of band camp, and our hearts are a little heavy this week. Last week, a young and vibrant young lady, Lauren Pakuta, a senior this year, was seriously injured in a car accident. She is suffering a few fractures, but the serious injury is to her brain stem. She is able to respond slightly, but for the most part is in a coma.

Then, there is another young lady who attended NP briefly last year, who is struggling with her adoptive father and his abusive behaviors. She is now living safely with her aunt and uncle, but it has been touch and go over the past two weeks, trying to get someone, anyone, to help her get to safety.

The sunset reminded me of God's faithful presence, his abundant wisdom and love, and how no matter what is wrong in the world around us, "He's got this." And, just like the water at the edge of the ocean stops because He ordained that it would, so does He ordain that the sun will continue to be ever present and provide us with the colors on His tapestry - every single evening. His Will will prevail, always.

This is what the sunset tonight meant to me....made me pensive, and ever grateful for my kids, my health, THEIR health, and thoughtful of those who are struggling.