Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Are you enjoying a simple life? Or are things crazy?  Things were crazy for me these last 6 months.  I guess it's to expected after having a baby.  But I was craving a simple life.  That's not been what i've been praying for but it's what God has given me right now because I NEEDED it.  He loves me deeply, I can confidently say that. Where would I be without a savior?

Today we had an earthquake! Very strange to stand in the middle of your home as your world is shaking and there's nothing you can do.  It didn't hit me until later that that has resembled my life, an uneasy shaking.  I see in small ways how God has been securing different areas of my life allowing me to be at peace..here's a few

I am seeing my husband differently, and gaining respect for him.  I'm watching what I say and it has made a difference in our relationship.

Well this is a constant changing job but I'm soaking my little boy in each day and thanking God for him. I don't want to lose sight of the gift he is or the job I have to bring him up as a man of God.

I have recently let a few unhealthy friendships end on their own.  I haven't ever done this before but it was heavy on my heart and it became clear that I needed to back away.  I didn't know it would be God's will for me to do such a thing, but it was.  If people are bringing you down chances are they are not the kind of person you want to surround yourself with.  Right now God has hand picked a few close friends and placed them in my life for a distinct purpose.  I am all about meeting new people and I love having many girlfriends but when a relationship starts turning sour sometimes its necessary to walk away.  I hope you don't think i'm picking up and dropping friends like they're sunday's paper. Bad comparison? ha  I just need simple right now and I need understanding friends.  I am blessed by my friends that bring out the best in me, that fill a conversation with laughter, or share their heart with me.  Who honestly love God with how they live, and who love their families too. I will never hesitate to help a friend out but there are certain people that aren't good for me.  I want to surround myself with good friends, not just a multitude of people.  I have been burnt out in the friend department until recently and i'm thankful for this recent change. 

It doesn't have to be hard.  Today I did the laundry joyfully and washed dishes quickly.  'Just do it right away' was the thought today. :) I'm not going to be perfect keeping our home neat because we have a six month baby who pulls me away from chores and he is worth it! I'm not going to miss out too much on him but there needs to be a balance.

I often think deep and get lost in thoughts but recently I've been praying simple things and remembering to praise God for the same.  He intended my life to be joyful and in Him i'm finding peace.  Alright well I should get to bed!

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Anonymous said...

Ah, you are learning and listening! Sometimes friendships that turn you away from your heart's understanding are the kind of friendships that must be let go, for sure. One of the more difficult things to learn in life is to be somewhat "selfish" of your time with people - and I mean that differently than it might sound (for anyone else reading this blog). By being selfish with your time, I mean that it is good to get to know many people, allow for the possibility of friendship, until you know whether or not it is GOD'S intention for the acquaintance to continue. You should be guarded with your time so that these things you cherish - your husband, family, home and time with God - are not short-changed.

We are keeping Lexy and Izzy this week, and one of the things that pulls me away from my own "homework" is spending time with these two little girls. Lexy is 4, Izzy, 16mos. When they are here, they are a joy! They relax, they get all goofy and girlie and really seem to thrive on the peaceful nature of our house. My daughter, Kim, has done an amazing job helping these two kids feel as much a part of OUR family as they feel at their own home. Of course, I am the beloved "NanaG" (their mom and dad aren't related to us...) so I am elevated to "Granny Status" without all the extra angst. So while I am busy "NanaG-ing it up," my homework gets laid aside, too. Because I don't want to miss a second of their giggles, the cute way Izzy growled "Hulloh!" at me when I growled t at her first, or conversations with a 4year old who can't spell anything worth a darn EXCEPT "ice cream." (Seriously... I thought I was gonna get away with something tonight...sigh...)

In time, you'll be able to recognize signs of friendships that aren't going quite the direction God wants them to go, and you'll let them drift elsewhere. It is okay. God wants you to have good people in your life. He helps us "prune the vine" when we need to, as well. When we obey, we receive such a sweet, sweet wine - His countless blessings!!!