Thursday, September 15, 2011

I have this huge lump in my throat because God is making his plans clear and i'm amazed by what he has been holding in store for the upcoming months. 

I have been doing a lot of this the past few months asking God to make clear where my next steps should be. 

I spent two glorious weeks in Indiana/Wisconsin with family.  God seriously tended to my soul by pouring love into my heart, speaking to me in the silent moments, teaching me more about himself, and correcting much of the wrong in my heart.  I came home refreshed and with a better understanding of the importance of trusting God.  

For the past few weeks I have begun my 'healthy living' diet.  I miss junk food but I really would like to lose 20 lbs by Christmas so there's no room for too much of it!  I have been walking, running, hopping on the elliptical, and using that time to pray for the people in my life. I think it makes the time speed on by as I gasp for air. :) I've tried to cut down on the calorie intake and it's my hope that this will help shed the pounds! So far I've lost a few pounds. woohoo!

I like this picture/quote it's been inspirational. ha

I don't know all of God's plans but let me tell you how excited I am for the upcoming months! I offered to help in our preschool 3s and 4s sunday mornings and am thrilled to teach these little ones about Christ.  I can't wait to meet them and be a part of this season of their lives.  I love that age group and their tender innocent hearts.  They bring about many smiles and remind me of the simple things about Christ that I can't get enough of.  I pray this time serving God would bring him glory and that he would not only teach me but teach these little ones about Himself. I can't wait!

And who would have thought God would have answered such a prayer as this from a girl who had been such a mess..'Lord I want to work with teenage girls and love them, walk with them, and teach them about you'.  I sat back quietly after much time went on with no answer and I accepted that it was just not God's will at that time.  In the last few weeks I was invited to be a part of 'Delight Girls ministry'.  I was asked to be a co-leader to a group of 10 freshman girls and my heart could not be happier! I have been praying for these girls already this week and as I say their names I can't wait to put a face along with each name.  I'm really thankful for this chance to serve God in a way that my heart has desired for so long.  I remember being in highschool and wanting to go to college so I could one day help troubled teen girls and although I doubt these girls are 'troubled' I am sure that they could use someone to walk through this school year with that loves them deeply. So i'm 22 and here I am doing exactly what my heart desired.  I'm humbled.  That's the best way to describe it.   I can't wait to meet these girls sunday night and form what I pray will be lasting friendships as well as see them grow over the years.


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Anonymous said...

You are in for such a treat! I love that age group, because young girls are so impressionable, so full of what they "think" they know and such sponges for everything they actually learn.

Three year olds....Lexy and Izzy are here again tonight. Lexy is 4, Izzy is 17 months. BOTH are full of "stuff and vinegar" and they are the most hilarious little people you'd ever meet! Your little charges on Sunday morning are going to challenge you to catch your breath and they will take your breath away just as quickly as you catch joke!

I'm so glad you are feeling the calling to serve. You are going to be an amazing teacher and mentor to these young people.

God's speed and have a blast!