Thursday, June 9, 2011

I am loving on my little guy more than ever this week.  He is becoming more interesting as he learns new things and reveals his personality to us.  God blessed us with a happy baby and I couldn't get enough of those baby giggles! I often wonder if those cheeks of his are getting sore from all the kisses?!

Yesterday I finally did it! I dug out the old work out clothes, tied those tennis shoes, and set out for a run.  It felt great to be active again and do my part in losing the rest of those stubborn pounds! I wouldn't say running is a deep love of mine but It makes me happy to workout.
I cancelled out the workout last night with a cup of cappuccino punch though. It was AMAZING! If you want the recipe I'll send it your way :). I drank this at night and offered some to Darren and it dawned on me later that the coffee, sugar, whipping cream, and vanilla ice a perfect combination to make you crazy happy! haha seriously I was wired and decided it best to lock myself in my room so i'd save darren from the wrath of all the words building up inside.  I was feeling extra chatty and so it seemed better to bury myself in God's word and put that energy to good use.

This morning Garrett and I headed to the Zoo for his very first trip! We met up with a few friends on what seemed like the hottest day yet.  I was hesitant to go but figured if it was too bad we'd head home.  We saw a few animals and then the little guy was starting to get drenched in sweat so I made the smart mommy decision to head home after water on the face wasn't working.  As I loaded him in the hot car he gave me a super sad look as to say, 'really mom?'.  But then the air conditioning came on and I had to praise God for the gift of cool air on a day like today! Not everyone has that luxury and i'm very thankful we're blessed with it! Hopefully we can try to see more animals the next time it's not this warm out.


I have loved God since I was a child and with time that love has grown into something much more intimate than I'd dreamed of.  Last night as I laid my heart before God and shared the deep parts of myself with Him I was overwhelmed with the nearness of my Savior.  Tears began to flow as I shared with Him my fear of only knowing a small part of Him when in fact there is no way for me to ever grasp the fullness of the Trinity (God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit).  Not until Heaven will I be capable of comprehending all of Him. It is the most intimidating thing to confess sin to a God who already knows, but the response from Him is gentle in how He extends forgiveness. I read through my Bible chapters last night and became even more in love with God's word.  In Matthew 8:18-34 Jesus is on a boat with his disciples and there comes a great storm.  Jesus is asleep and the disciples go into a panic and cry out to Him to save them from drowning! Jesus said to them, "You of little faith, why are you so afraid?'  Then he gets up and calms the storm and these men are in awe that even the winds and the waves obey Him. 
This story is incredible because there's a deeper message here for each of us.  In whatever storm that is causing our heart to be troubled we're shown here to look to Christ because in Him there is peace and a calming of the waves in our life.  It's a beautiful picture of the result of trusting God. 

I wish that we could sit together over a cup of my wonderful cappuccino punch so that we could really get deeper into the things about God.  It's my goal to be more intentional in my relationships to be a better friend.  I treasure this blog and the platform to share my love for God and how I'm growing as a child of God, wife, and mother...but there's a lot to be said for a good face to face conversation! I'm learning to embrace relationships in my life right now because we were meant to walk this life with others. 
Well it's time to wrap this up for today. :) I love you for reading this and caring for me! Thank you for being my faithful reader and I hope that you're encouraged today.

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