Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My baby is growing faster than I'd like but I love when he learns new things! Today he was following with his eyes a toy that we were looking at and he will focus on a camera trying to figure it out.  I have a hard time looking at pictures when he was first born because I LOVED how tiny and small he was.  I loved the feelings of 'new mommy'.  But now i'm LOVING confident mommy and seeing Garrett catching on to new things.  He is still little and we're soaking up the time with books, lullaby's, talking, smiling at each other, loads of kisses, and we snuggle all the time.  During the first two months I haven't missed out and have enjoyed being a mother.  Mother's day is around the corner and it's my first one! Garrett doesn't understand but in a way all those smiles towards me let me know he loves and trusts me.  That is the best gift for a new mom, to know you're doing something right!
I went to target this week and picked out a few new shirts. I have been feeling rather dumpy lately and needed a few new cute things. God works in really neat ways though. On sunday I opened a package from my sister in law Ej and it was the cutest sweater! Monday I wore it..yes it was in the 80's and I was sweating but oh boy did I feel cute and I needed that! She picked it up for me out of the blue but it was perfect timing. I'm really blessed! And then I had a friend send me a really sweet card that was very encouraging.

Darren was going to be going to a C-school this coming monday and when I found out months ago it made me really sad.  After the initial shock of finding out I accepted it and was supportive.  About a month ago I was having a hard time with him going for almost four months and him not being able to be with Garrett and I. I didn't want to say anything to him because as a navy wife I wanted to be supportive of his career.  So..I prayed that night and spilled my heart to God letting him know how much I would miss Darren and wishing there was someway he could stay home.  It turns out Darren was given an option to stay. 
There is a balance that is hard to learn as a navy wife. What's best of his career and what's best for your family. I don't think i'll ever master it. I know this school is good and it's awesome he was chosen but he didn't want to go away for more time because we know in the future he'll have to go away on workups/deployments.  I felt guilty for praying him to stay home and then seeing that answered! isn't that crazy? But I'm happy that he will be home not missing out on Garrett.  His chain of command is really great and very supportive of family which is not always something you'll find in the military. Sometimes it's all about what's best for excelling in your job.  And there is a time when the focus needs to be on career, i'm just glad he can be home right now.  They talked to Darren later about doing a school later if the timing works out.
We're going to be heading to Indiana to visit family for my brother's graduation. I'm so excited for everyone to meet Garrett and just to see everyone. I've missed my family a lot and it's been hard living far away.
Well i'm off to bed, have a good night!

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