Thursday, April 28, 2011

I love talking to Garrett about how cute as a button he looks, or how handsome daddy is, the weather we're having, or about his extended family but I LOVE talking to him about Jesus.  It brings joy into my heart speaking of the things Christ has done for us.  I am a really simple girl with an extraordinary gift from an Almighty God.  I look at Garrett with love everyday.  Now there are moments I am extremely tired and the thought of rolling over to go nurse him stinks but this child has my heart.  I am rewarded at four in the morning by a huge gummy grin and it melts my heart each time.  Who knew Garrett's happy time would be not only the day but also in the middle of the night?! 
The best advice a friend gave to me when I first had Garrett was to soak him up because the time would fly.  She told me to hold him and let the house chores go at times.  I'm glad that I listened to her because I love snuggling with Garrett and getting to know him more and more. 
My husband's job in the navy allows for me to be a stay at home mother.  This is the second greatest gift which my husband has given me.  I was thinking today how most of my friends from highschool are getting ready to graduate college this year and for the first time I didn't feel like I missed out.  Most people would tell me I should have waited to get married and have a baby until i'm at least 30 but I love the way my life has gone.  I met the love of my life at 18 and right after my 22nd birthday we had a baby boy.  God has blessed me so richly and although I don't hold a diploma in my hand and my closet is filled more with sweaters than business suits I am incredibly thankful to be where I am today.  I love what my friends have accomplished over the past four years and I hope one day to be able to study English so that I can take the next step in my dream of writing but for now I am soaking up this chapter in my life and loving it!

Everyday Garrett is changing and learning new things.  It's neat to see him making connections and starting to develop and as much as I want to keep him tiny forever, I'm excited for him.  I tell him all the time how I can't wait for the day he can talk (all you mothers of a 5 year old are probably thinking Oh no you don't! haha). I often am reminded that with every new stage comes wonderful fun things but also new challenges.  I know by God's grace we're going to be fine though. 
Lately i've been tearing up and random moments when I see how blessed I am. The other night Garrett woke up and Darren went over to him and the kid started grinning like crazy! I don't know what it was but they were adorable together.  Then tonight my sweet boy was talking and smiling away not really wanting to go to bed and I loved talking back to him. When he gets really excited he starts kicking his legs and waving his arms and it makes me tear up to see him so happy and healthy.  I thank God for these days because not every mother can say they had 2 months with their baby.  I remember begging God to please let me have this baby and for nothing to go wrong because I wanted to meet him and love him everyday we had together. I don't ever want to get 'used to' or take for granted the gift of being a mother.  Sometimes it's far to easy to complain about the harder side and I forget how blessed I am. 

Well I have been watching a little of the royal wedding on TLC and it's so exciting.  I love weddings and am a complete fairy tale dreamer/hopeless romantic.  Sadly most of the royal couples have ended up splitting though? I watched a special about it once on the history channel but anyways that's not meant to say this couple will split but i'm really excited for the news to be happy for once! It's been very depressing lately and it's nice to have joy from this wedding.  I hope they have a special day and that everything goes as planned!

Alright I should get to sleep.  Garrett wakes up every 3 hours still! One day that will change :).  Have a great night!

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