Monday, May 9, 2011

Hey! I hope you're having one of those days where everything is right in your world!

I had one extra cute baby to take care of today. He is such a sweet child and I love how much time we've spent together. I try to make sure we have quality time filled with things that will be memorable when we look back. Some of those memories will be mommy trying to get baby to sleep longer and him refusing and after the battle goes on she finally gives in and gets out of bed. :) sound familiar?
I don't want to be sad all the time as time goes forward and my baby gets bigger.  He is growing out of clothes and i'm having to put them away in a plastic bag for now and it's sad.  So I prayed about it and God shed some light on the matter.

In my relationship with darren we have been through a little over four years of growth. Sometimes it's a pain to compromise, work on being selfless, but because of our efforts to love the other we grow and grow.  We have some very memorable times to look back on when we were just babies in this thing called marriage.  We are what I feel would be toddlers now and still very much in love. I don't spend time being sad looking back at the old feeling blue about the past because I love the here and now with Darren.  Being all here now is important to God.  It's okay to look back and think how much I loved my newborn and how little he was but there is so much happiness and joy in the here and now. Plus there is a TON to look forward to as he grows.  I want to love him to pieces at each stage and not feel like i'm losing him when in fact I am gaining more of him.  He is growing and along with each new stage or discovery God blessed me to be his biggest fan!  It will be a daily choice to choose to be all here in the now even when I don't feel like it. :)

I think God is really neat. He is always the same but I am always learning new things about Him.  I don't have it figured out but i'm at a place in my life where i'm learning how sovereign he is in the midst of the crazy. 
This world's happenings are scary and I mean terrifying! I do wonder what's going on sometimes and then I remember...sin. That tiny word that causes natural disasters, murder, pride, wars, worry, and on and on the list goes.  But God is in control and nothing happens that he does not let.  For the time being until he returns it's going to be a sinful place where satan reigns but Its my prayer that in this small sphere I live in that people would come to have a relationship with God and see that he really loves them.  That Jesus already died to save us because of our sin..and that we can live eternally with him.  It's hard to get over the fact that there is no religious acts you have to do when you want to follow God but that it's accepting him in your heart.  Then moving on it's him growing you through time in the bible and prayer and fellowship with other believers.  I love seeing people serving in the community and not just sitting comfortably. I believe God is at work in all sorts of ministries so that people can hear there is hope for a better life.

phew! That was a lot of thought for this zombie looking mom. :) Today I cleaned, organized G's clothes (halfway done), made a meal i'm proud of!, and cleaned a little bit more.
Have a great night! 

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