Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tonight I was looking through some pictures of Garrett after he was first born and it took me back to one of the sweetest moments of my life. God gave me a special time with my son that morning being able to soak in every inch of his being.  He was perfect to me and even as the little marks and bumps started to show he still held that perfection in my eyes.  I didn't understand how you could love someone so deeply the way Christ loves us but then I became a mom.
We are approaching the two month mark and we're loving our baby boy even more.  He has been giving us a wonderful gummy grin lately that melts my heart! A simple smile can be the most rewarding thing to a mom because it shows that you're doing something right! :)
He has been dealing with some reflux junk lately and it finally dawned on me the other night that's what it was.  Poor little guy cries sometimes after eating and it's really upsetting him to the point of him not eating as great as before. We'll have to talk to the doctor about that and see what we can do for him besides sitting him up after feedings. 
We've been taking walks everyday and it's been refreshing to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather we've been having! Garrett seems to enjoy the fresh air as much as me :).
Darren and I have been enjoying each other lately and i'm really thankful for that. No one gives you a heads up that things may get a little heated at home after a baby comes in and it's easy to start living separate lives.  I'm glad that God is involved in my marriage and wants to see it thriving and filled with love because he's showing up to our rescue in a time that felt strained.  I gain a lot of respect for Darren in times like these and realize how blessed I am.  He is an incredible dad and is involved in taking care of Garrett's needs baths, diapers, soothing his cries, and just loves on his boy.  He could have checked out after work but right now he is checking into our family in the evenings i'm and blessed because of that. 
Right now we're facing a hard choice with his job and what's best for our family and i'm stuck in between not knowing how to best encourage him so i'm praying..a lot! I can't wait to let you know what happens. 
My mom told me that I need to pray more and she's right because I believe prayer works...I have a hard time praying for people because a lot of times there isn't immediate results and I give up.  Prayer for others is selfless and it takes discipline.  My grandma tells me every time I see her that she prays for me everyday...do you realize how neat that is? Everyday she talks to our God and brings me up to Him...I cherish that! 
Well i'm starting to ramble now! I have to tell you that my mom has been yelling at me because every time we get on the phone I talk super fast and my words go together and she can't understand me..so she says 'laura..i have no clue what you just said..' or 'Laura you're talking like..I don't know, I can't understand..' :) so I had to ask Darren if i've been doing that to him and he said, 'yes! and that's why I say what?' ha so to anyone i've been talking to lately, sorry if you can't understand me! It's called sleep deprived I think?

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha!! Yeah, the talking fast thing... I have that tendency when I'm tired, or feeling like I've been away from adult contact too long. (Teachers...we have that same "too much little ones, not enough big ones" syndrome too!) It kinda goes with the territory, for at least a little while. LOTS of stuff happening, not enough -- "download" time.

I. Love. Your. Reflections!! It has been especially a pleasure to "watch" you become a mommy and Darren, a daddy, through your picture posts and your blogs; through your honest, heartfelt words. You two are meant to be Garrett's parents, no doubt about it. God chose well. Very well, indeed!

Prayers, as always, continue for you and your family, Sister Laura!