Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Elspeth J. Moore
My sister-in-law but more like my sister

Here are a few pictures of my best friend..(plus some)

Thank God for a friend that loves coffee!'s more fun to share with a friend

                       My Navy wife role model. She makes one GREAT commanders wife :)

She is a mommy that i'd love to be like.  How cool is a mom that does fun things like marshmallows and toothpicks? A very fun one!

She is raising two incredible girls that I miss very much.  They are sweet girls and respectful takes two good parents being an example of that.

She married one COOL guy! Dave :) He makes fun breakfast and always makes good coffee. He is also fun to talk with because the guy is smart and he's funny! (Darren's brother..they are freakishly alike..we're talking same facial expressions, voices sound the same, can sleep anywhere, in the Navy, etc) BUT saying that it makes Ej even more wonderful because she understands where i'm coming from with my husband when we laugh about our men :).


"A friend accepts us as we are yet helps us to be what we should."
Author: Anonymous

I always wondered what kind of family I would marry into.  I never imagined God would bless me the way He did when I met Ej.  She is one spunky, hilarious, authentic, understanding, caring, compassionate, selfless woman.  I could never write a book that would do justice to how much this girl means to me. 
I have a heartful of praises to shout out about her and hopefully you can see how important friendships are to have as we walk this journey of life.  We live miles and miles apart but she is my best friend. I love when we start talking because the time flies and when I hang up the phone or walk away I'm refreshed. Now that is the kind of friend worth having!
Ej married Dave 8 years ago and they have one sweet marriage. I know they have moments they drive each other crazy but I won't ever doubt their love for one another.  It is nice to know Dave loves Ej just the way she is and Ej has a lot of respect for Dave.  They have a lot of special things going on in their marriage that is an incredible example to Darren and I.  I admire their relationship and the way they're raising their girls.  It is fun to be around them and I always feel at home when we're visiting.  I once lived with them for a whole month and they never once made me feel like I overstayed my welcome but they accepted me daily and made my stay wonderful.  I loved that they had respect for each other (still do) because it made it easy to relax and enjoy them.  It's fun to laugh, right? Well with these two..well they just crack me up! Ej always says, 'you know you miss this laura' they're the best. 
Ej has two girls that are so unique and fun to be around. They each have their own personalities and at times can be a handful for her but you know she handles them with love.  I know now that being a mom isn't easy but she makes it look simple.  I have to yell at her for not letting me in on some secrets, like that it's not as easy as she is making it look! She is holding things together and caring for her daughters and that is the kind of example i'm blessed with! I love thanking God for her and the amazing mom she is. I don't think she is praised enough.  Both Dave and her make sure to have family time and give a lot of attention to the girls. They also have their girl's respect and that is huge in the world we live in where a lot of times the child in running the show.  I am thankful for the way Ej is boss and her daughters are in line with that. It's good to see a nice balance of love/tough love if that makes sense?
Ej is a Navy wife.  This is something I treasure about her because she has walked me through some dark days when I didn't want to like the Navy and I needed to be sad and hear 'it's okay, I understand'.  She kicks me in the butt to remember who I am and how to choose the right attitude. When Darren found out he was going to leave for C-school I walked out I took a minute and started crying and then went outside and called my best friend.  I loved saying 'today I hate the navy and this really stinks!' she didn't correct me or try to make the situation better she just sighed and gave me the it's going to be okay talk. God blessed me greatly by placing her in my life to walk me through tough times.  She has been in my position over and over again with the Navy and is a light for me.  I was able to call back another time and say well I see that this is a good thing because of this and that.  Thank you friend for understanding me and letting me vent and cry and then remind me how to be okay with a situation that's not easy. 
everytime! I open a box and tear up because the girl knows me so well. 
Ej has seen me at my very best and my very worst.  (I mean that)  Yet, here she is still loving me well and being an encouragement.  I love the way we can talk about God, husbands, kids, life, petty things, oh goodness the list goes on and on.  It makes it hard to hang up the phone or say goodbye!
When we lived near each other last year it was awesome.  I loved hanging out and getting to know her better.  We spent hours and hours talking as well as just hanging out being quiet.  I cherish a friendship that you can be silent and enjoy each other's company still and it not be awkward. We have things in common but I like to say she balances me out.  I am sensitive and she brings me back down to reality..but never judges. (I love that)
I don't deserve a friend like Ej, but God saw it fit to give me a sweet gift.  He has used her in so many ways and I can't say thank you enough. 
I had to say goodbye to Ej last summer after living close by and I didn't know a goodbye with a sister in law would ever be that hard.  I didn't know that I would sob as I walked away.  But that's what happens when someone leaves a huge imprint in your heart.  When they love and bring the best out in hurts to say goodbye.
Now for the fun part! She is coming in a few weeks! I am beyond excited to have her here and for Garrett to meet his sweet aunt Ej.  He is going to love her.  We can't wait to see her and spend time with her again.  I am looking forward to talking face to face and not having to pick up a phone to chat! :) It will be fun to write about our visit and share pictures.  I know Ej can't wait to love on her new nephew and i'm looking forward to having family here. 
So thank you Ej for being my best friend and pushing me to God. I hope that you know what an incredible friend, wife, and mother you are! love you :)

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Anonymous said...

You are a blessed lady, indeed! Ej is a perfect "Frick" to your "Frack". LOL! I so loved reading about your relationship with your sister-in-law, and I so appreciate the lady for being a part of your life, kind of pointing the way through all the nuances of being a Navy wife and now a Navy wife AND mother. I will keep you all in prayers, friend! :-)