Friday, September 3, 2010

Alright! This is the fall post i promised last time but first this is a picture update of me at technically 14 weeks and 5 days, close enough to 15 weeks! :) (I'm feeling great!)
Now, I have thought long and hard about how to best write this entry so here goes nothing!

My absolute favorite post to write since blogging has been about my head over heals in love with fall (post). It comes every year and around this time...but my problem is that i never seem to find the right words, or when i begin to describe fall in the way i see it, well it just doesn't do justice to actually how wonderful it is! It's a true dilemma my friends. SO, today i am going to attempt to persuade you to see fall through this girl's eyes, in hopes that you will fall as hard for it as I have :). Or that you'll at least feel cozy and warm inside.

Lets do this with pictures though, because well it's more fun that way.
Fall turns out to be the best time to take a walk. The air is crisp and cool and the view can be breathtaking. (I love the crunching of leaves under my feet) Although to appreciate it you have to have the right attitude to be able to take in these beautiful displays! If you're too busy with life, you're going to be distracted and miss out so i recommend slowing down and seeing what's going on around. It won't be disappointing, and it's always been a reminder of how God brings change and although change seems to stink, it can actually be a really beautiful turnout. So you can have a great lesson from God and be able to enjoy what He's created, I love it!
Okay PLEASE buy a candle that is something like warm vanilla, brown sugar, apple pie, pumpkin pie, anything that resembles warmness. It will seriously be a blessing to walk around a home filled with pretty soothing scents. WARNING: the food ones may make you a little hungry though, sorry! You've been warned though :) I love burning candles in the fall while reading a good book curling up under a blanket. It's perfect to me. I have not been blessed with a fireplace in the last few years so this is my substitute and it's proven faithful to making me smile.
Ah, the wonderful memories fall brings back to me! For 13+ years of my life i played every fall on a soccer field. I can still smell the freshly cut grass, and remember crystal clear how my ankles felt walking off the field on a cool evening. I lived for a good saturday morning soccer game in the fall. I promise to try not to push my kids too hard to follow in this dream of mine! But really, fall is a reminder of a sport that defined me in a way and made me smile. There were great relationships formed over those years and plenty of knowledge of the game i fell in love with.
I don't own this particular sweater, but it screams fall to me. :) it looks warm and cozy huh? I love being able to snuggle up in a warm sweater to my sweetheart. Sweaters have always made me feel cute and happy, and when do you wear them? In the fall. Oh and it makes drinking coffee look so much cuter as well. Yes, it's possible to look cute while drinking coffee, throw in a few curls and warm hat and it's quite the look! It's sure to make all girls feel pretty. :)
I didn't post a picture of jeans, but it's my other favorite fall accessorie. There is nothing like a good pair of jeans during the fall season. Talk about comfortable.
I love going to pick out pumpkins. It means carving one and eating pumpkin pie! Two very fun things that i enjoy. Do you know what i mean? It's always hard to find the best pumpkin but after looking for what seems to be forever (which is half the fun) you lay your eyes on the one. Or at least one that looks good because you're really tired and it's time to go. haha
Who does not love a good campfire? I love the many gatherings around a fire during fall. It's a great evening when you're able to sit with family or friends and roast marshmallows and talk about things and laugh. Where i live it's my favorite thing to look up at the stars on these nights. I used to pray under the stars all the time in highschool, it is another great memory!
Yes! It's that time of year, football! This is the first year i am actually really into it. As i mentioned in a previous post i have two fantasy teams that i'm going to have to keep track of. I'm really excited though. Football has always been another favorite of mine during fall though. Growing up my dad watched and i loved the background noise and wearing a packer jersey. Then when i met my husband it turned into Sunday afternoons on the couch taking a nap curled up to him. It was very special...but now it's different. Like last year when Darren was away at basic training i watched alone and it made me feel close to him, yet this year i'm watching purely because i want to and enjoy it. My how things can change! haha
I love warm apple cider, hot chocolate, coffee, and all the yummy comfort foods that turn up around fall. It warms my heart and there's nothing like a huge mug of apple cider :). I am smiling huge just thinking about it!
Seriously, isn't this breathtaking? It has my God's handiwork all over it. He knew we needed beauty in this world. He knew we needed reminders of Him, so He chose to bless us with a little hint of his beautiful work. I'm thankful for this season because it becomes obvious to me how much he loves me in the starry nights, the cool wind that pushes my hair back, the smell of an apple orchard that's unlike any scent i've smelled, the time gathering with family where much love is offered, and how it's simply stunning, like him. This season is my favorite though, and i know i've not even began to see what other breathtaking views are around this world, but i'm from the Midwest and haven't traveled much. This time of year is like some peoples tropical island vacation, cabin in the woods, Europe trip, etc. This season is my vacation and i have fallen hard for it.

It's my prayer that you enjoy fall this year and soak it up! Hope you enjoyed reading, this was once again just as wonderful to right about this year as the other years! Thank you for reading :).

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