Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Today was absolutely beautiful. Sunny with tempertures in the upper 80's. I feel like we had two weeks of spring and now it's summer! I'm not complaining though :).

Each day that passes i realize how blessed i am. Today my neighbor came over and we sat and drank coffee and talked about life. We laughed so hard together and then the conversation turned to our relationships with the Lord. I can't tell you how exciting it was to meet her! She is a beautiful person and very funny! I'd say genuine would be the word that describes her best. We're both bummed by the fact that we'll both be moving away from each other in two months.

Tonight i had a really great time with Darren. He came home with a surprise for me. He's a mass communication specialist, which means in the navy he takes pictures and writes stories. He did a photo story on me! (It was really special) Then we spent the rest of the night hanging out watching american idol and talking but something sticks out most is that we laughed tonight. I LOVE laughing it's the best. I know God is bringing us closer together because i can tell you in the first year we were married we didn't laugh...there was little joy. We still drive each other nuts but there's a friendship growing these days. I'm crazy about darren and love the growth in our marriage, it really is beautiful if you know where we came from. God has blessed us with each other and i love Him more and more.
I didn't respect Darren when we were first married. I nagged and was VERY stubborn, pretty sure i had no clue what i was doing. Marriage is tough, and i'm not claiming to have it figured out by any means. I've just learned how important Darren is to me, and i don't want to hurt him. I want to be refreshing in his eyes. We have to make a choice to love our spouse and put them first. It isn't easy because there are days i want it to be all about me! It's tempting to be selfish but Jesus instructs us to consider others better than ourselves.
Darren is my best friend and takes care of me very well. We're learning each other better and that's really neat to me. He is the perfect fit for a girl like me. He loves God, is sharming, funny, strong, PATIENT!, and caring. I'm very happy to be his wife, and love the testimony of God's love and grace shown in our marriage. I'm sorry if that was all over the place! i have so much to say about my husband haha

Well it's getting late and i should get to bed :) have a great day!

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