Monday, April 5, 2010

A New Haircut

This morning i woke up with a fever and sore throat so i didn't make it to DC with EJ and Sharon. But i think they had fun seeing the cherry blossoms with the girls. We went a week ago and to see them just starting to bloom and it was pretty. After sleeping most of the morning, i decided it would be good to get moving around. I went running (bad idea! it didn't help me feel better ha) Then i went to get my hair cut. It turned out very nice according to my Husband. I love having my hair styled in a way He loves!

We had Easter dinner at our home. We had ham, potatoes, corn, and cake! It was the first dinner i've hosted and i think it went very well. We did the ham in the crockpot and it tasted delicous! The night before my mother in law and i boiled eggs and dyed them. I spilled blue dye all over the kitchen, opps! We went to baltimore last saturday and saw fort mchenry, the inner harbor, and had a really great dinner. It was nice to wander around in no rush, just enjoying the beautiful day with family.

I've been missing my family a lot lately. My parents are the best. (i'm always talking about them, and i'm sure my husband gets tired of hearing, 'well my day this, or my dad that') Good thing He loves my parents though! My older sister Nicole is married with four kids. I hate being this far away from them. It's hard to not be around as they grow up. Then my brother Anthony is away at seminary. We talk on the phone here and there. He's a great influence on my relationship with God and he always lets me express my excitement about God without thinking i'm annoying! He'll just say, 'I know! isn't He great!' something like that. It is encouraging. Then my big sister melissa who is married and PREGNANT. Oh i miss her because she's getting a baby belly and i can't even see it. THEN last but not least...My little brother Tim. He is hillarious, i'm serious. Whenever i see that guy we pick up where we left off. I miss him sooo much. He's one of my best friends. It sucks not being able to see him. He thinks that he's all tough but i call Him whimpy until he puts me in a headlock! We have a great relationship because he goofs around with me and is one of the people that makes me laugh so hard that my stomach and cheeks hurt! Then we can be completely serious talking about school, life, and God. My family is incredible, and a blessing from God. That's why i miss them so much, because they each mean a lot to me and i hate being away from them for long periods of time.

Well i've started studying Song of Solomon. It's been really interesting this far. I'm trying to weave my way through all the speculation of this or that, and get the main point of why solomon wrote it. I will say i'm learning a lot from this study. Maybe i will have some time to share on here. Okay i'm going to get to bed, but i hope everyone had a nice easter!

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