Saturday, March 27, 2010

A New Chapter

Hello Friends!

Navy Navy Navy. :) For 6 months my husband and I have been learning to adapt into the military lifestyle. What a crazy blessing in disguise! He is currently attending, 'A-school' and we'll be moving in middle of June this year. With one move down I'm preparing for round two. I love where we're at right now in Maryland and it will be sad to leave. As we inch closer to when he goes into the fleet i feel my heels digging in with the reality of separation coming again. I love that man and am dreading deployments.
We don't spend a lot of time together right now but it's a good balance. We're growing closer through all of this. This lifestyle isn't simple but i can stand up and shout Thank you to our God! (Who has been the one keeping us glued together)

I'm most eager to meet Navy wives! It's always nice to know, I'm not alone. I hope God will bring lasting friendships with woman who love Him with all their heart.

This past month I've been studying the book of Hosea and digging it apart. There are moments I've had to set my bible down and sit still soaking it all in. I won't go into everything because it's already pretty late, but what a great God He is. I am unfaithful like Gomer, and Israel but like them, He loves me. That book opened my heart to get to know God a little more. It isn't easy to come everyday before God, laying everything before Him. I hate that I'm not good, and nothing i do will ever make me look better before God. It's His Grace, because of Christ's love for us that lets me stand before God as though i never sinned. This past month has been challenging and yet amazing. You know how sometimes you just go through some crummy stuff to get to a beautiful place? During all of the hard stuff you cried and fought but in the end you learned and grew? I feel like that's been going on in my heart all month.

Well on a much lighter note i had spring break this past week and had a great time! I cleaned the house, made some yummy meals, and relaxed. This weekend I'm spending with family and enjoying every minute of it! I should get to bed, i have a little niece that plans to wake me up at 8:00 tomorrow! yikes 8)
P.S. I'm looking forward to sharing more and i'll post pictures to share a little peak into our life!! Thanks to anyone who reads this. Sorry if it was hard to read! Goodnight!

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