Wednesday, November 16, 2011

*It's that time of year*

When I pull out those boxes full of beautiful decorations.  
When the music plays endlessly serenading me back down memory lane.
When I feel happy and eager for the *white* blankets outside my window.
Searching for the perfect Christmas Tree, Trimming that tree,
BAKING! delicious food, Family, traditions, cozy nights by a fake fire on our t.v. 
Relearning the story of Christ's birth and celebrating with others. 
For the first time Garrett will experience all of these things and not really remember but as I prayed the other evening I realized how I wanted him to look back on his younger years and remember special traditions and time with family that he will come to treasure when he's older.  I'm not stressed or anxious to get through this holiday season with my check list.  I'm relaxed and full of joy for this time of year and spending it with my family and getting to make it special for Garrett's first Christmas.  
I love being the one to teach him about Jesus. 
He is loving the Christmas music we're playing and tonight Darren let me pick up the new Michael Buble Christmas CD! 
We're Moving!
Into a charming Cape Cod rental home.  December we'll be packing up and moving across town and settling into our beautiful home.  We were prayerful about this decision and knowing that God led us was a blessing.
I'm surprisingly very patient and not anxious about this upcoming change.  It will be for the better in so many ways but for now i'm living life here in our apartment for the next couple weeks, happily.
I know this won't be a forever home but it's gorgeous in my opinion and I can't wait to call it our home.
Goodbye third floor apartment living! :) You've treated us well and gave me stronger legs.

"I have no sense of fashion. oh well!" I don't know how many times these words have rolled off my tongue with ease but inside I hate that I don't have a sense of style.  Last night that all changed! I realized that like other things this is can be learned so after I put my son to bed I read a free ebook about how to dress my body type.  It was long but I couldn't stop reading as i was learning how I've been dressing in all the 'don'ts' she listed.  How come no one has told me!? ;) Well anyways, i'm going to have to use it as a guide.  She was very practical and encouraging about how to view yourself.  I really appreciated her words and advice.  I don't want to have the tired mom look.  I want to look my best and take pride in how I dress.  Anyways thought i'd pass along the website where I found the free ebook.  I hope that it might help you too.

I am loving my memory verse this week
Gen. 16:13
"You are the God who sees me"

It's such a great reminder that although i'm longing to see his face, he sees mine.  For now that is the comfort I've prayed for.

I've been enjoying writing for fun lately.  Just random short stories and jotting down ideas, and journaling.  Writing has always been my kind of adventure so i want to share with you while i'm in this learning season.  I really do hope God will bless me one day when I actually begin writing a book.  Thank you to everyone who has encouraged/nudged me in that direction! I can't wait to share with you when I begin to do that. I know i'll need help and your words then. :)
I've been reading a lot right now though and loving it.  It helps gather inspiration and is also a way to teach me how to write better. I'm all for learning from others. And I still get to enjoy a good book!
I know that there are tons of other writers out there that are incredible with ideas that blow me away. I'm glad that there are so many different styles and books. There isn't a mold and you have the freedom to be creative.

I dug up a journal from when I was a little girl and had a lot of laughs while decoding my chicken scratch! I loved writing then just as much as I do now at 22.  I look back on my blogs from year and years ago and know that God could use these words to lead others to him.
I will never be 'there' with all the knowledge to write a book but with time, practice, reviewing, good help along the way, I hope to start putting something together soon.
Pray for me as God is preparing my heart!

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Anonymous said...

Ah, yes.... First Christmases with the babies! I have pictures of my kids' first Christmas, but I have more memories than pictures. Not long after the divorce, the kids and I started attending the little church in NC. I ended up being the music director there after only a year, and most of our Christmas Eves were spent in those services. One of my favorite Christmas Eve memories was when Michael let a little fart ("Boip!"...for real...!!!) slip out. The only way I knew it was him was because his little shoulders were shaking in silent laughter. Naturally, I started to laugh, then Kim started. It didn't take long before we had nearly lost our minds trying to laugh silently, up there in the front row......

I have so many of those to look back on and I just smile. You are going to collect those memories too (ok, maybe not the little boy farting in church memories...maybe not....LOL). I hope you put them in a journal and share them with us someday, too. (Can't wait to hear them! LOL)

I hope for you to get all the snow your heart desires for your family's first Christmas together. As long as you are all moved into your new home, that is. I also am praying you have a fast and successful move, too! Gosh, that's such a wild time of year for a move, ya know? So I'm amending my wish for snow to start AFTER your move is complete. :-D