Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm afraid we are stuck with this 'ginormous' picture. I can't figure out how to shrink it, my apologies! 

We have started our marathon of Christmas movies for this holiday season.  I like to start now because there are too many favorites and not enough time!
The year with out a Santa clause, The Grinch, The Santa clause (all three of them), The Muppet Christmas,
Family vacation, Elf, The shop around the corner, it's a wonderful life, a Christmas carol, Home alone, White Christmas, A Christmas story, charlie brown Christmas, and so many more! 
So you understand why we start early?

Growing up we would have a few nights my mom would make a lot of food and we'd watch a few of those movies. When you do that year after year it begins to stick and to not do it feels awfully wrong.  Although it's only me watching most of these, it's still a very fun tradition I'm enjoying this year.

Have you had a negative friend in your life? Have you been the negative person in someone's life?  Either way it's bad i've come to find out! There are times i'm negative and I can hear the things I say and can't stop talking! These are the times i've asked God to put his hand over my mouth and arm around my shoulder.  It's always easier to look at the downside in a situation or a person.  Recently trying to choose to look at life through a different lense has been a huge blessing! It's certainly not easy though. 
I hate hearing where I've fallen short but sometimes we need to! I don't think I was a very fun person to hang out with.  I intended good but nothing about what was coming out of my mouth was encouraging.  It's hard to see some woman in my life who take to facebook to vent.  That website has become a place of negativity lately.  I have so many friends that are constantly griping about one thing after another.  There are moments it takes everything in me to close my computer and walk away not saying a word.  For one i'm glad my parents are on facebook holding me accountable for what I say. And second it reflects these people that i care for in the worst way.  I was praying about this and that's when it hit me that's what I sound like to darren and others.  It stopped me dead in my tracks to be face to face with such an ugly side of me. 
A negative heart reflects a heart that isn't full of joy or love or content.  
What a good lesson to be learning! 

Alright well I should get to bed. :) 


Anonymous said...

Uhmmmm.....I'm having a hard time imagining you talking negative, ya know? We who read your blog don't see the negativity here. Now, being an honest and admittedly sometimes negative person myself, I know that it is human nature to see things from two perspectives. HOW we present our own perspective on things is what we learn over time. Sometimes we have to be honest about what we see, how we feel. It is a clever balancing act between "should I speak my mind, or not..."

Regardless, it is important to try to see the best in people, to give them a chance to show their better nature. And it's also important to look in the mirror before we use that "honesty" thing too often...

Darn mirrors..... ;-)


David said...

Dont beat up on yourself so much.