Monday, October 3, 2011

i'm here, i'm here! i'm sorry for not being all here with my blog.  I wish that I could fill you in on every detail that's been going on but sometimes there are some things best kept in.  Whenever i'm going through something I tend to stay away from my blog because I have the problem of 'over-sharing' Please understand! It's for the best :) But i'm glad to be writing tonight and settling back into my place here. 
This is my boy. He is an INCREDIBLE little boy who each day reminds me how to enjoy the simple things in life.  Right now we play peek-a-boo a lot. The greatest part is how it never gets old to him, but eventually i'm too tired from popping up and down from behind the couch.  I love to kiss his cheeks and tell him how sweet he is.  Sometimes we read out of his story bible and other times we read books but he always seems more interested in how edible the book is.
He's one smiley kid which makes my day to day life really nice.  He has his bad days of course but thankfully I've got the patience for those days because we have so many great ones! Yes, i'm bragging about my boy but what mother doesn't?
He is just about ready to start crawling, i'm accepting prayers for this next phase! That i'd have energy to chase him around :).

This past sunday in church we heard a really good message about faith. I loved being in church and looking at these people that i'm starting to know and already love dearly.  We meet in a middle school auditorium and it's a very simple feel.  But we're being challenged and I see that God is working in the lives of these people and my own.  I like supporting these people and being there for them.  Garrett is sometimes all alone in the nursery but when I peek in he is sitting there next to a few girls adoring him and i'm thankful for that.  It's been a blessing to serve God sunday mornings in the preschool class.  These kids have my heart.  We combined classes last sunday with the four year olds.  They're funny, sweet, and easy to make smile.  It's fun to get down on their level and look in their eyes and say, 'now where is that beautiful smile of yours, i haven't seen it all morning!' and have them giggle away.  The craziest thing is God had to continue to push the need for me to help out in this ministry.  And i'm sad because I waited this long! I can be selfish of my time, but God knows how we have a need to serve and i'm seeing how important it is.

Then there are these freshman girls that I want to know more and more about after each sunday night.  We didn't have small groups yesterday and I felt really bummed over it.  They're girls worth looking forward to spending time with.  I look at them and see how fragile yet STRONG they are.  Each one different but when they're all together it makes for one amazing group. 

I had a very productive day. Sometimes when a lot of things are going on in my heart I get into a 'cleaning mood'.  So my home is neat, and the laundry is getting done quickly, and we had a delicious meal with no bake cookies! I have had two glasses of cider today and squeezed in a run.  I had no problem taking care of all of Garrett's feedings, bath, diaper changes, and now the day is done.  I feel good. :)

Talk to you tomorrow!
Congrats to my brother in law Pete for becoming a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI).  Really proud of you! Enjoy this next chapter!


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