Friday, October 21, 2011

He is almost 8 months and is extra cute and cuddly lately. Unfortunately for me he is also discovering the world leaving no time to snuggle with mom. So I do what any mom would and trick him into snuggling by reading book after book because that's the closest I'm going to get! :) He hasn't caught on yet..
We've been letting him roam around his room and the independence is perfect for him.  He enjoys having 'his time' and I realize it's good for him to not have me always right there.

We've also been walking more and we found a gem of a place!   

He was a little sleepy at this point.

My favorite!

My smile was pretty big at this point. I love a good walking/running trail.

He's so happy! 

Such a pretty place

The trail runs around a lake and is absolutely beautiful! Garrett seems to enjoy taking walks and i'm making more of an effort to carve out time in our days to see new things.
This weekend we are going to a pumpkin patch and I have no expectations other then sitting Garrett next to a pumpkin and snapping a picture. I'm really looking forward to spending time with my two guys though. 


The clock reads a number I knew he wouldn't want to see. Debating whether to wake him I finally whisper his name into the dark.
"Can I talk to you for a minute? I'm worrying about ____."
He listens and even offers a solution to help because he knows how much this person means to me.  I'm blown away with the extent he is willing to help. 
We kiss goodnight and I roll over now at peace.

"Remember this Laura..don't forget"

I start crying as I whisper to my husband that he is a good man. He needs to hear it.

How do I forget the good things about him whenever he fails to meet my needs? But i'm learning as I stumble through these first years of marriage and It's my prayer that God would continue to mold me into the wife he intended me to be.  

Enjoy your weekend!

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