Saturday, July 16, 2011

I can't move! Every bone in my body is sore from playing softball last night! I was invited to come out and play and with great enthusiasm I took the field and had a blast. :) It brought back really great memories and as I stood in left field I caught wind of one of my favorite scents..GRASS.  It took me back to the days I ran hard on a soccer field and played hard. Those were such great memories! 

My son has been blessing me so much! He is an incredible baby.  I love being able to go out all day like today and him not be upset about a change in our day.  Having a flexible baby has been a relief.  We went to Yorktown today and visited the different places that are so important to our freedom today..I have a new appreciation for the French who helped us become independent! Darren's brother Dave took us around and gave us a wonderful history lesson.  We ate at a yummy pub down in Yorktown to seal the day. :) I love history which made today really fun.  We even took time to stop and read the signs!

I am officially a consultant for a company named 'Purse Party Inc'.  :) What a huge step for a girl that would rather be home! 
For a few weeks now I have been praying hard about a few things related to this.  I did a lot of research and talking it over with my husband. 
I have been clinging to God this past week as I stepped out and signed up! I wanted to do this for the sole purpose of meeting new woman.  God has poured into my life knowledge of how to spend eternity with Him.  How wrong is it to harbor that and not share his love with others?  I LOVE my role as a wife and a mother and right now there is a good balance between those roles.  However it has been heavy on my heart that I am not a part of much outside of this home.  So I prayed..and prayed. 
First off, i am not a grand saleswoman..not at all! In fact i'm pretty pitiful if we're being honest. But I love the idea of gathering with a group of woman while they shop over purses and develop friendships.  I think this is going to be such a wonderful experience if I allow my attitude to remain positive. 

I love how God made a way for me to be right with Him.  I love that because of Christ I can come tonight before Him and pour out this heart.  I love that I can come right up to him and tell him how much I appreciate this or that.  How much I love the beautiful things He created.  Or tell him i'm sorry that I was disobedient.  I love that he cares enough to discipline me when I am being bitter or negative towards something or something..that he loves me enough to do that is incredible.  I love that He wants to be in my heart and makes it his..that is very cool to me! It's not a sunday morning experience with Him..but each day he shows up and I have the privilege to walk with him and be in a relationship with my king.  I might fail but I am so thankful that he is at that finish line cheering me on..that he is pouring love into my life daily.  I hope you know him too.

Well it is late and I have to get up early :)..I don't think I can get up from this chair though..bummer. Have a great night!

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